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Gully Sauce


Uploaded: 29th Sep, 2017 by Hache Release Date: 29th Sep, 2017 Genre: Hip Hop/Rap
For the memories we create together.
To think and smile about when we are alone 
Thank you for being inspirational 
Thank you for being bold 
I am Hache, I am CNO
This is the Gully Sauce 
This if for my people.

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Tracklist (11)

  1. Alie (Prod. AXSTHXTIC)
  2. Day 1nz (Prod. Reidy Beats)
  3. Demons (feat. JR James)[Prod.Justin Kase]
  4. 2am (Prod. Vintage Beat)
  5. Gully Saucery (Prod. Jr James)
  6. Often (feat. JR James x London) [Prod. Jr James]
  7. L.I.T.C (Prod. Jr James)
  8. Touchdown (feat. NershonCNO x R James) [Prod. Jr James]
  9. Been Trilla 3 (Prod. Josh Petruccio)
  10. PLT (Prod.YSMbeats)
  11. Old Skool (feat. JR James) [Prod. Switch]