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Joe Black

Release Date: 19th Sep, 2011 Genre: Hip Hop/Rap Category: Classics,
Finally UK hip hop artist Joe Black releases a 25-track FREE Realionaire mixtape - Crazy right?. Features from Youngs Teflon, Squeeks, Colours Miyagi, Benny Banks, Big Chess, Giggs and others. The North London rapper Joe Black musically shows growth on this mixtape. The strong production doesn't go unnoticed, Show N prove is responsible for most of the production but Westy and some other big names played their parts in creating this masterpiece. Feel Free to listen or Download the mixtape here on Mixtape Madness.

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  • Listens 7481
  • Views 6633

Tracklist (25)

  1. Intro (Prod By Show N Prove)
  2. Realionaire (Prod By French Conexxion)
  3. Next Up Feat Benny Banks (Prod By French Conexxion)
  4. Black Hooligans Feat Wholagun, Propane (Prod By Boom Blast)
  5. Johnny Part 2 (Prod By Skuffy)
  6. Music Is My Hustle (Prod By Red Skull)
  7. Real Nigga Muzik Feat G Money Lam, Bungz (Prod By LG)
  8. Day In Day Out Feat Coops, Rexx (Prod By ShowNProve)
  9. Not Enough (Prod By Westy)
  10. Get Money Feat Youngs Teflon (Prod. By Okan)
  11. Money Power Respect Feat Colours Miyagi (Prod By RedSkull)
  12. DTA Interlude (Prod By Abstrakt)
  13. Live My Life Feat Mad Sam (Prod By Biggaman)
  14. Not Guilty (Prod By Westy)
  15. Medacine Feat Barry Knight (Prod By Show N Prove)
  16. In Between Feat Shimmer (Prod By Westy)
  17. Hustlers Feat YTwo, Big Chess (Prod By Red Skull)
  18. RNO Part1 Feat Tallman, Zimbo, Stardom (Prod By TripleB)
  19. Fuck A Concept Feat Squeekz, Bungz, Hunt, Lam (Prod By Dego Brown)
  20. Pandemonium Feat Bungz
  21. Shutdown Feat Giggs (Prod By Skuffy)
  22. RNO Part 2 Feat Tallman, Kaz, Zimbo, Stardom and Pep-C
  23. Usual Suspects Feat Squeekz
  24. Easy Life Feat Squeekz, Benny Banks(Prod By Westy)
  25. BONUS TRACK Fire In The Booth



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