11 ingredients for the perfect mixtape [PART 2]

6) Provide A Mixtape Description & Keywords A lot of people are too lazy to submit these, but really they’re only punishing themselves. If I’m a label looking to sign new ar ...

November 20, 2013 Aysh Banaysh

6) Provide A Mixtape Description & Keywords

A lot of people are too lazy to submit these, but really they’re only punishing themselves. If I’m a label looking to sign new artists, I won’t have time to listen to much music. No one can download EVERYTHING. Your mixtape description should include a bit about you as well a short description of the music. This will not only help strangers who stumble across your mixtape, but it will also help your mixtape rank in Google! We’re not asking for an essay- 100 words will do!

As for keywords, they’re a bit like hashtags without the # – relevant words and phrases. Relevant being the keyword (see what I did there?)! Your name, features, your city, etc. If you tag a feature then anyone who clicks on it can see their work. If everyone tags their features then when you feature on someone’s mixtape their fans will be able to click through and find your music! Can’t say no to reaching a wider audience can you? Added Bonus: They help your mixtape rank in Google!

7) Give Us Social Media Links

Here at Mixtape Madness we don’t just promote your mixtape, we promote you! However, if you don’t provide us with your social links how do you expect us to do this?! Provide them! If listeners don’t have a way to easily connect with your social profiles how do you expect them to follow you and support your future music?

8) Start Promotion Before It’s Out

Who is going to download your mixtape if no one knows it’s coming out? Make people aware and build a buzz. If you want reviews make sure you send it to blogs early so that they can listen and post the review on the day of release (we’re talking like 2 weeks early here).

Make sure you plan the release date well. Mixtape Madness’ weekly chart resets at midnight on Sunday, so the earlier in the week you upload it the more chance you have of charting and being seen and recognised by more people!

It’s important to know where you’re distributing your mixtape, if you tell people it’s going to be out on Mixtape Madness they can just go to the page on the release date and find your mixtape even if they don’t have the direct link or people might just come across it and take a look, whereas if you tell them it’s out on Send Space or Media Fire well… who’s going to stumble upon that?

9) Promote After Its Release Too

INDIVIDUALLY talk to your followers and make them aware it’s out (nobody wants a copied and pasted spammy message), get people to share and support the mixtape etc.

Mixtape Madness offer a range of advertising services from a small banner add to a full site takeover which you can use to make people aware and reach new people.

In order to see how effective all your promotion is, we recommend only having one link to make it easier to track your stats and so people don’t get confused.

10) Make Sure The Music’s Good

Don’t just ask your closest friends because, let’s be honest, they will lie. Ask a varied sample of your friends and other artists you work with and get honest feedback! Do this well before the release date because then, if any major issues are found, it can be changed!

11) Plan. Plan EVERYTHING.

It may be last on the list, but it’s the first thing you need to do and it needs to be done well. Plan the music on the mixtape, the features, the release date, the release time, the artwork, the promotional strategy etc. Just plan everything. EVERYTHING.

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