11 Ingredients For The Perfect Mixtape [PART 1]

A guide to the perfect mixtape eh? Sounds a little too good to be true… right? Wrong. Since starting out in 2010, Mixtape Madness’ archive has grown from a mere 50 mixtape ...

November 18, 2013 Aysh Banaysh

A guide to the perfect mixtape eh? Sounds a little too good to be true… right? Wrong. Since starting out in 2010, Mixtape Madness’ archive has grown from a mere 50 mixtapes to just over 900. Over the years we’ve taken a look at of some of the mixtapes that have done well and some that have done, well…  not so well. We’ve analysed everything from the day they’re uploaded to the size of the files to find out what makes a mixtape do well on Mixtape Madness and now we think we’ve found the secret formula! So here it is, a guide to the perfect mixtape:

1) Avoid Massive File Sizes

If something is taking forever to download do you wait, or do you cancel it? Some wait, but most people these days just don’t have the patience. They want music and they want it now! Large file sizes can cause slow downloads, especially if the potential listener has slow internet (yup, them ones). While slow internet is neither the artist’s nor Mixtape Madness’ fault, the artist is ultimately the person who suffers because the listener will probably get fed up of waiting and give up (unless you’re already established, then they might wait).

Chances are you’re not an established artist and people with slow internet won’t wait for your slow-downloading mixtape, so here’s what we suggest: Try and keep your mixtape under 100MB. This means that it will download fairly quickly, even for those with slow internet.

2) Name Your Files

Don’t you just hate it when you download something and all the songs are called “Track 1” etc.? We do too! As do our 60, 000 users (aka your fans). When people to download music, they want to be able to put it on their phone and listen on the go, but if you don’t name your tracks properly how are they supposed to find it? (Clue: They don’t. They go and listen to something else).

3) Use ID3 Tags

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 13.52.43No, it’s not complicated. Go to your iTunes and pick a track. Click “Get Info”. ID3 tags are basically you filling in the track info such as name (which if you’ve names your files should be there), artist, genre etc. Also, don’t forget to add the cover art and order your tracks.

It doesn’t take that long, but it means when the listener imports it into iTunes (or similar) it will be organised. (I don’t know about you, but I delete things that mess up my iTunes- regardless of who it is or whether I’ve even listened to it)


4) Get Some Artwork

Let’s make it decent shall we? Not just a selfie off your instagram with some words thrown over it. Preferably get a designer to create a high-resolution graphic that a) looks good and b) suits the mixtape. If you’re a bit strapped for cash, are out of favours to call on or just don’t know any designers then, by all means, do it yourself. Just be creative and make it good.

5) Credit Features and Contributors

To an extent this goes back to ID3 tags. If someone features on your track make sure you credit them. It’s usually best to put this after the track title, because if you put the feature it with the artist it splits up the mixtape if someone sorts their iTunes by artist (like me). Also whether you use Ft./Feat. etc., be consistent with how you say ‘featuring’!

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