How to sell furniture but a little more…Grime?

November 8, 2019 Sweeney Emanuel

D Double E & IKEA have us feeling the Christmas spirit!

‘Iconic’ is the word to sum up this huge moment for the culture! Even though the advert is wrapped up in a cute TV family and warm, seasonal package, it’s worth noting that this has not ever happened. We really have an IKEA advert that begins with “BIDI BUP BUP. I must confess, this place ain’t bless…” — this is clearly how a Grime legend sells his furniture!

IKEA officially releases the ad!

The streets have ‘D Double E’ trending on Twitter amidst all the excitement and rightfully so. It’s important to the culture to have a raw Grime MC feature on a daytime TV, Christmas advert for IKEA. What a time to be alive.