Who deserves a spot on next year’s Wireless lineup? Who do the people want to see?

July 11, 2019 Sweeney Emanuel

Who do we want to see on the main stage next year?

Last weekend was an amazing time for anyone who attended the annual Wireless festival! It was an exciting clash of the biggest names in the US and the UK’s favourites. Amidst all the excitement, attendees took to Twitter to voice who they want to see rock the festival next year.


The duo started off with appearances on both Lil Baby and Future’s set, tuning up the crowd’s energy with their hit singles nASSty and Kitchen Kings. DBE then took over the Pepsi Max stage and premiered their latest banger, Home (Home P*ssy). The area reached its maximum capacity which proves they deserve a headlining spot on the main stage next year.


How lit would it be to have the African Giant himself in Finsbury Park next year? The question doesn’t need answering! His famous tunes — Ye, On the Low and Rock your Body (just to name a few) — are timeless so we definitely need to see his name in big, bold print for Wireless 2020!


Riding the wave of his latest album, Psychodrama, Dave really should’ve been part of this year’s line-up. It’s guaranteed that he’d put on a great show. Perhaps, there could be another lucky Alex next year?


With one of the baddest summer anthems out right now, it’s only right that we see T Mulla do S K R all the way to the big stage next year! He never disappoints.


This is a must! WSTRN have been in the game for a while and have proved to be a strong singing/rapping collective. Their music is known to a vast audience and it’s certain that fans would go crazy to see them on the main stage!


If you’ve ever seen a video, then you know that Alicai lacks no energy and gives us crazy-sexy-cool vibes each and every time! With certified feel-good bangers like Gold, we need her dancehall inspired sound at the festival.


B Young has produced the catchiest, bounciest melodies again and again. There’s no denying that he would definitely have the crowd singing along to his radio hits!


The energy crew aren’t new to big audiences! Each member compliments the collective in a different way and you feel that as they each do their verses. Their latest project (produced by Nyge) is flames — let’s watch them shell Wireless!


UK fans are craving Roddy’s presence after his London show earlier this year and his appearance at the recent Oh My fest in Amsterdam. Since he’s got a collab with UK artists under his belt, we would love to see him headline the festival next year!