Park Hill Proves He’s ‘Next Up?’

Park Hill steps up for a brand new Next Up? Freestyle.

Elle Evans 2 days ago
Is Yanko ‘Next Up?’

Yanko is next to prove why he is ‘Next Up?’.

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Kween Deekayy Is ‘Next Up?’

Kween Deekayy proves why she is ‘Next Up?’ in brand new ...

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Is K Rose ‘Next Up?’

K Rose proves why he’s Next Up? in his latest Freestyle.

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Br3nya drops Next Up freestyle

Br3nya shows us she’s here to stay in brand new Next Up frees ...

Shanet Mehari 5 months ago
S13 steps up for “Next Up?” Freestyle.

S13 pulls up and proves why he “Next Up?”.

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Chante Paris proves why she’s ‘Next Up ...

Chante Paris drops hard bars for brand new ‘Next Up?’ f ...

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V9 drops his highly anticipated Next Up

After all the endless requests on our socials, we present to you Ho ...

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Kaywavey Drops Brand New Next Up?

Kaywavey does not disappoint and shows us all that he really is nex ...

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OFB (Bandokay, Double Lz, SJ) come through for a N ...

We take a trip to the north side of London to link up with the OFB ...

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PA Salieu steps up to see if he’s ‘Nex ...

Pa Salieu steps up to the mic on Episode 13 of the second installme ...

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