He’s done it! #RuizJoshua2 #RoadToRedemption

December 7, 2019 Sweeney Emanuel

The Heavyweight champ…once again!

Our champ stepped to the beat of Fela Kuti’s ‘Water No Get Enemy’ as he walked toward the ring. I’d pay to know what was going through AJ’s mind as he approached, knowing he would have to give a stellar performance. Tonight, he fought like he owed the people a win — and rightfully so!

His opponent was resilient throughout the fight and showed great competitive spirit. Still, a unanimous decision ruled that Anthony Joshua outboxed Andy Ruiz— I mean, did you see the long right shots?

Commentators stated that the Heavyweight champ had the ‘most jabs of his career’ in the very last round. That’s a winner. What’s more, is the boxers were able to demonstrate sportsmanship as the champion was announced. This was boxing class!

Congratulations, Anthony Joshua! Now, bring that belt back to GB.