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December 5, 2015 a.k.e

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As we anticipated the release of Believe & Achieve: Episode 2, Chip seemed to be dealing with some unfinished business with Manchester’s Bugzy Malone. Both competitors stood their own ground and delivered multiple blows. However, Chip made the most significant statement, which may have defined his career, which is the fact that Chip can’t, I repeat can’t run out of bars!

Now that Chip is considered victor of one of the biggest clashes of the year, the focus goes directly back to his EP and whether he will have as much people as excited for his EP than the various clash dubs he produced in recent months.

Chip allowed us to enter his world where he shared a couple home truths in his first instalment of the Believe & Achieve series. Half of the EP celebrated his return to the Grime scene, whereas the other half of EP proved to be a very intimate project, where he covers a set of real life issues which may be his most personal project to date. Will Chip’s Believe & Achieve: Episode 2 complete the overall package of the project and confirm the miraculous return of the Grime scene saviour.

Chip starts off with “Pepto Bismal” as he speaks on his current success and going back to basics where the Grime scene is organic again.

Grime veterans Wiley and Frisco join Chip for “My Bruddaz” as each artist goes in with their respected flows on this positive, feel good tune. Chip is enjoying the music he is producing and his success has allowed him to make progress with the people that have been with him from the early days of his career. We are also lucky enough to get a “My Bruddaz Remix” featuring JME and Lethal B.

We all know Chip has always been an experimental artist and has never been one to produce repetitive music Chip continues to do so with “Connected” featuring Eric Bellinger. The track definitely has the potential to be a major hit and is catered for the clubs. Chip has produced many club bangers and the collaboration with Eric Bellinger sounds like another tune due to get the dances going crazy.

“Bookey” is one of the more serious tracks on the EP as Chip goes on to speak on the people that claimed to always be by his side, then abandons him. Chip makes it clear that he has got himself and his God and that is all that he needs in such an untrustworthy world. The money comes and the money goes similar to the disloyal people surrounding Chip.

Maverick Sabre returns to the sequel for “Weigh Up X Positive”. The first half focuses on Chip reverting back to his old, original style and how he is back in the scene to make a change, whilst keeping it true to the art. The second half of the track is more emotionally provoked as Chipmunk complements the soulful voice of Maverick Sabre by producing conscious, lyrical content regarding the state of his area, the struggle and how hard it is to be positive in such a corrupt society.

Chip brings us a nostalgic moment as he drops nothing but fire on the legendary “96 Bars of Revenge” as he lets out all his frustration on the track mentioning taking out a number of artists on his own, his thoughts on the MOBO nominations and the issue behind both Bugzy Malone and Tinie Tempah.

Believe & Achieve: Episode 2 follows a similar style to the first instalment. However, the EP has a more positive aura as Chip focuses more on his achievements as opposed to the actual issues revolved around his life. Episode 1 and 2 has a Yin and Yang affect and makes perfect sense when both EPs are together. Chip’s comeback has got the Grime scene excited again and with the release of his latest EP Chip is in a good head space to make great music with a variety of content. Chip is indeed back to make a difference to the game.

Favourite Track: Weigh Up X Positive featuring Maverick Sabre

Tariq Peters (@Explicit LDN)

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