Are we ‘saying yeah’ to U.K. R&B?

February 5, 2020 Sweeney Emanuel

Mnelia puts on for U.K. R&B! Watch below:

If you aren’t familiar with Mnelia, there’s still a good chance you’ll recognise her contagious hook from your timeline!

She is years deep in the music game, having released an EP, 2:4, in 2018. She solidified her traditional R&B sound and proved her ability to be a thorough artist.

Mnelia took to social media and teased her single in a short video, which would go on to gain over 2,000 retweets. 24 hours post-release and the singer now has a whopping 15,000 views on her independent YouTube channel. That counts as a hit!

In true throwback style, the scenes in her video will give you every bit of nostalgia. Mnelia has executed the 90s aesthetic perfectly, from the wardrobe to the bouncing lowrider! When was the last time you saw a video like this?

We’re saying yeah to U.K. R&B and to every artist under that umbrella! Watch and stream Say Yeah now.