Light Up Everywhere" and "Smokin Remix""/> Light Up Everywhere" and "Smokin Remix""/> Light Up Everywhere" and "Smokin Remix""/>

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Motivated Stoner

Black The Ripper

Uploaded: 7th Aug, 2016 by Black The Ripper Release Date: 14th Aug, 2016 Genre: Hip Hop/Rap
North London rap legend Black The Ripper returns to the fold with his latest release "Motivated Stoner". Following the stellar year he's experienced at the helm of his lifestyle brand "Dank Of England", supporters across the UK & worldwide have been eagerly anticipating the next chapter in Samson's already incomparable discography. In the meantime check out the videos for the 1st single off the release with "Weed Is My Best Friend" featuring fellow North London icons Chip, Frisco & Shorty of BBK. Also check out "Light Up Everywhere" and "Smokin Remix"

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Tracklist (10)

  1. Light Up Every Where
  2. Weed Is My Best Friend Ft Chip, Shorty and Frisco (feat. Chip , Popcaan , Shorty , Frisco )
  3. Stop Talking So Much Ft Jerome Thomas (feat. Jerome Thomas )
  4. OG Kush and Purp Ft Benny Banks (feat. Benny Banks , OG Kush )
  5. Wavey Ft L Skins and Jerome Thomes (Flylo Prod) (feat. L Skins , Jerome Thomes )
  6. Smokin Remix Ft Chip and Black The Ripper (feat. Chip )
  7. All I Do Ft Iron Barz (feat. Black The Ripper )
  8. Put It In Your Mouth
  9. The Remedy Prod By Harry Love (BONUS TRACK) (feat. Harry Love )
  10. Jordan Rakei and Samson - Hold her (feat. Jordan Rakei )