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What is Mixtape Madness?We at Mixtape Madness believe that as the urban youth culture continues to grow in influence, evolve and shape UK music. The transition from underground to mainstream is moving from an art to more of a science. We feel that it is essential that this transition has to be sustainable for both artists and consumers. As a result we have provided a new way for consumers to listen to music and keep up to date with the artists they love, whilst the artists can better understand and turn consumers into customers. How does Mixtape Madness do this?

Mixtape Madness provides an easy way to listen, download and share UK Urban music online. Furthermore it is urban music you control, we put up events and music you want so suggest to us or even sign up if your an artist and upload your mixtape by clicking here
Why you ask...Because we want artists to focus on producing quality creative content that connects with their fans, leaving usto focus on what we do best and collect information enabling artists to better understand and tailor their content for their fans.

Social Music because music is social

Part of the beauty of music is its ability to universally connect with people. That is why is we have made it so simple to find and share music with your friend across all your favourite social networks at a click of a button. You can find out and hear what your friends are listening to and suggest what you would like others to have a listen to!

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Getting started is safe, secure and simple. Just create an account, then search and share music with your friends and join the mailing lists of your favourite artists to find out where the next gig you can catch them will be.

Benefits of distributing through Mixtape Madness:

  • Full catalogue of artist's mixtapes

  • Measurable report on number of listens and downloads

  • Targeted newsletter promoting artists related products

  • Full measurable advertising opportunities

  • Research hub for record labels to pinpoint the most popular artists and mixtapes

  • Search friendly URL - for better indexing on search engines

  • URL does not expire

Mixtape Madness is not just a traditional downloading site,
it is a brand used to represent the culture of urban Britain. In a nutshell we want to create a community for artists, fans and UK musical appreciators - which give them a platform to collaborate and share music online.



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