5yffe Has Released His Latest Offering “WYSN”

5yffe is back!

May 15, 2020 Elle Evans

WYSN (What You Say Now) is 5yffe’s latest release and the second single from his upcoming project 5yffe Play.

At its core, 5yffe speaks about the graft behind becoming a music artist, whilst still holding down a normal job, trying to maintain a relationship and having time for a social life. But he’s not complaining, he is relishing this new journey and is driven towards pursuing his dreams. Sonically, the instrumental is reminiscent of something you might remember from childhood fairgrounds – think Hall of Mirrors and Haunted House. This
creates an almost magical soundscape for his lyrics, and with a hard-hitting baseline, unexpected drops, and an array of flows the listener is taken on a rollercoaster ride.

Listen to WYSN below and on Apple Music here.