PLENTY is how she’s kicking off 2020!

April 10, 2020 Sweeney Emanuel

The Afro-rap beauty is back!

She is the type of artist that always bares her listeners in mind when making a new song. Her latest single, Plenty, offers a catchy hook which promotes self-love and independence!

Br3nya, of Ghanaian heritage, has no problems with flowing over the Afro influenced beat (by C Biggz) and making us want to dance. Her feel-good energy is infectious and through reciting her lyrics, you’ll feel the same!

The rapper earned her space on 1Xtra’s Hot for 2020 list after a trailblazing year that saw her headline her own show and open up Stormzy’s annual Merky fest! She’s off to a strong start with Plenty, so let’s run it up.