J Hus’ new venture is the ‘ugliest’!

March 18, 2020 Sweeney Emanuel

Our very own ‘Hustla’ & his new venture!

J Hus has been U.K. Rap’s golden child since releasing one of his biggest singles to date, Dem Boy Paigon, five years ago! Within the first quarter of this year, the rapper has seen his sophomore album — The Big Conspiracy — land the #1 position on the official albums chart after a hiatus and minimal promotion.

Hus has returned with a lot more than we could’ve anticipated! His flair and his flavour have produced his new clothing line, The Ugliest, which includes jackets, du-rags and more.

Watch: J Hus is joined by his sister and feature on the album, Iceé tGM, and DJ Billz in launch advertisement.

It’s clear to see that this collection and it’s running theme are an extension of the East London rapper’s public persona. Shop The Ugliest here!