Jung Mergs Taps Dej The Ego For The “Paranoia” Remix!

The remix is here!

August 7, 2020 Elle Evans

East London’s Jung Mergs has returned with the remix to latest single, Paranoia, featuring Dej The Ego.

Paranoia is a narration of the feeling of paranoia from smoking weed delivered via two perspectives. In the first verse, Jung Mergs delivers his narrative; going through a distorted and anxious thought pattern, he is fully aware of its effects. Dej the Ego give his rebuttal as a mental health practitioner and his perspective on how weed affected his friendship with Jung.

Speaking on the release, Jung Mergs commented; “I felt it was important to put out a song that reflects the negative emotions and states of mind we feel when we smoke up. There’s so much glamorising of weed in music that makes it hard to relate to with my experience. Plus there are 3 sides to every story so DTE really gives a complete round up with a third-person viewpoint.”

Listen to the Paranoia Remix below.