Kwoli Black Elevates His Sound With His New Single “Fly”

Hackney’s Kwoli Black is back!

July 31, 2020 Elle Evans

Up and coming artist Kwoli Black has unveiled his latest single, Fly.

Fly , produced by jstrngs is a triumphant rap banger drawing similarities to J Cole Middle Child over which Kwoli shows off his rap ability, his penmanship, his ego, and most importantly his joy. In a traumatic and depressing time especially as a young black man, unlike previous releases such as Breathe Kwoli opts to bring some joy and encouragement with the hook ‘That boy fly, look at that black boy fly”.  Mixing hard 808’s with gospel progressions and almost military textures with tricky triplet flows – Kwoli Black is the voice piecing it all together!

Listen to Fly below and on Apple Music here.