LIZZY WAPS Is Back With An Explosive Offering “Thanos (One Snap)”

LIZZY WAPS is fusing various genres to create her own sound!

July 17, 2020 Elle Evans

LIZZY WAPS brings her fresh new sound to the table with Thanos (One Snap).

Turning experience into creative expression, switching effortlessly between velvet R&B tones and hazardous slang-heavy flows, LIZZY WAPS raps unapologetically over MobzBeatz abrasive and adrenaline-fuelled production with ease. Thanos (One Snap) gives a snapshot insight into the perspective of a young couple caught in the life of London’s underbelly, making ends meet by any means necessary, but regardless of the situation, LIZZY WAPS maintains the streets vow: “I ain’t ‘gon snitch”

Listen to Thanos (One Snap) above.