Rising Songstress Beryniah Shares Her Debut Single “Warning”

Beryniah gifts us with her butter-like tone in debut single!

July 30, 2020 Elle Evans

Beryniah uses her rich melismatic harmonies to create dulcet delicate walls of sound to talk to her audience in her debut single Warning.

Warning is all about communication; as Beryniah says in the song “don’t get too comfortable with sorry”. The songstress uses the narrative to illuminate that sometimes people think that apologizing will be enough, neglecting the fact that every time you aimlessly throw one out, it cheapens it the next time round. Layered atop an up-beat and feel-good backdrop, Beryniah glazes the backdrop with her rich and silky tone. Full of attitude and understanding Beryniah opens her heart with a Warning!

Listen to Warning below and on Apple Music here.