South African MC Toya Delazy Unveils Latest Effort “Find Di Boy”

A track fit for summer!

July 10, 2020 Elle Evans

Toya Delazy is back with an up-beat and summer-infused single titled, Find Di Boy.

Rich in deep African rhythms and a House essence, Find Di Boy leans more towards the sensual side of her repertoire, as a mid-tempo serenade she proudly dedicates to her lover. Toya finds a sweet spot with this release as she mixes her knack for lyrics with a refined ear for melody.

Speaking on the track Toya said: “This song is about love being non-binary and the expectations society places on us as opposed to reality – without these things we would be closer to a peaceful world. We can’t march together for equality and then still be discriminated against when we are being authentic. These are the things that hold us all back.”

Listen to Find Di Boy below.