UKNWN drops off another wavy offering called “To The Moon”

Pulled from his upcoming project “22”.

June 18, 2020 Rehana Harmony

Ahead of his EP’s release tomorrow; UKNWN shared the project’s third track, titled “To The Moon”.

Tapping Jaime La Cree for it’s production UKNWN has returned to delivered yet another wavy and melodic track. Upon listening his rich vocals glide of over an intricate spaced-out instrumental to create the ultimate audible escape which seems to be the artist’s signature sound.

Elaborating on the track UKNWN stated: “To The Moon is supposed to be a vibe. Ultimately, it’s a reflection of the vibes in the studio when it was made.”

While we wait for the UKNWN’s EP “22”, stream To The Moon above.