Watch: Big Zuu’s Big Eats Every Friday!

A show combining cooking with comedy!

May 17, 2020 Rehana Harmony

On Friday, Grime star and DJ Big Zuu turned his gastronomic dreams into a reality, by hosting his very own TV series, entitled “Big Zuu’s Big Eats” which airs weekly on Dave. 

In the first episode, Zuu met up with Jimmy Carr at his show in Croydon, to have a laugh over a Supermalt and some delicious vegan recipes.

For the remainder of the 10-episode series the rapper and his friends, Tubsey and Hyder embark on a mouthwatering road trip to several cities around the country. Where he’ll serve nine more comedians their ultimate meal by the time they step off stage.

Expect appearances from, Desiree Burch, London Hughes, Ed Gamble, Phil Wang and more!