The Streets have teamed up with Donae’o and Greentea Peng on fresh new track “I Wish You Loved You as Much As You Love Him”

“I wish you loved him as much as you love him, kiss his picture and throw it in a bin.”

June 4, 2020 Rehana Harmony

The Streets are back with yet another teaser off their forthcoming album, in the form of “I Wish You Loved You As Much As You Him” featuring, Donae’o and new-coming songstress Greentea Peng. 

The song is an uplifting example of empowering women who find often themselves at a loss in love. During, each artist makes it their mission to offer insightful and sincere verses while essentially channelling an “agony aunt”-esque sentiment. Over an intricate Drum and Bass-inspired backdrop, strung with a heavy bassline and brimmed with other percussion elements.

Donae’o sings, “I wish you loved you and gave yourself loving, because loving yourself is true wealth honey.” 

Stream the track here or on Apple Music.