Bloggers Delight


By BiBi


21 Oct 2012

Picture a Sunday afternoon chatting about the latest popular news and entertainment stories- having some food, a drink and some laughs… Well that’s pretty much Bloggers Delight in a nutshell. A panel of well known bloggers with expertise in varying areas of popular culture from music to fashion and beauty discuss topical and moral issues and then throw it open to the crowd.

The Rhum Jungle at Cottons Caribbean restaurant in Islington is the venue for this event, which means there is delicious food and drinks available from the bar. It’s a great setting- ideal for creating the relaxed, homely vibe of the event. Also, the organisers are really welcoming and friendly, they create such a great atmosphere that before long you feel comfortable enough to put your hand up and add your take to the debate! People sometimes shy away from these kinds of events because they’re worried about feeling like they’ve gate crashed a private party. But that’s definitely not the case with Bloggers Delight, once the discussion is underway you feel like you’re in a room of friends just chatting away.

Presented by the main organiser, Miss Lala, this month’s Bloggers Delight panel featured some great personalities such as DJ Melody Kane, Marvin Sparks, Andrea IIaka, Marvyn Harrison, Yogi Bear and Wendi B offering perspectives on hot topics like: what is the level of responsibility the BBC should take in the Jimmy Saville sex abuse claims? Can you be in love with two people? And what were the pro/cons of Starboy Nathan appearing on X Factor? The discussion was lively and full of banter while revealing some sound observations too. The event takes place in two parts and last Sunday, each part was punctuated a by thought-provoking spoken word performance by emerging poet LionHeart. This is a great event. The whole experience was refreshing- It’s like an ‘urban’ version of Question Time only with food, drink, friendlier faces and way more laughs! It’s a fantastic way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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Reviewed by Bibi Cofie

Twitter: @BeeeCeeee