Glastonbury 2024 : Five Unforgettable Sets From Coldplay, Tems, Barry Can’t Swim, Burna Boy, Kasabian & More

Harvey Marwood

By Harvey Marwood

Harvey Marwood

1 Jul 2024

Glastonbury 2024 proved to be a musical haven, with a lineup that transcended genres and captivated audiences across the iconic festival grounds. Among the plethora of sensational performances, several artists left an indelible mark with their electrifying sets. Here’s a glimpse into the best sets of the weekend from my standpoint, featuring the legendary Coldplay, the innovative Barry Can’t Swim, Nigerian superstar Tems, the energetic Burna Boy, and Woodies’ surprise set from rock legends Kasabian.

Coldplay Light Up Worthy Farm With Heart-Warming Saturday Slot

Despite being their fifth time headlining Glastonbury, 2024’s Saturday headliners showed exactly why they are trusted with putting on an amazing show, and it’s safe to say that Coldplay left a warm feeling and memories to last a lifetime with their evening Pyramid Stage set. A force within the music industry that can be enjoyed by the masses despite the genre of music you’re into, Chris Martin and the band are often referred to as the biggest band in the world since U2, having received many competitive and honorary accolades in recognition of their music across the world; there’s no surprise a whole list of A-listers took the time to come and witness them for themselves.

Spotted amongst the viewing platform, Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg, Gillian Anderson alongside Glastonbury founder Micheal Eavis all turned out to watch the world-renowned Coldplay create magical moments – and by all means that was what they did. With a 25-track set list, the band opened up to “Yellow” and performed many of their most famous tracks over the past two decades including “Charlie Brown”, “The Scientist”, “Paradise” and “Fix You”, alongside some of their newer hits as well.

Coldplay’s career-spanning set had the entire crowd of more than 120,000 people singing along to their classics, and having opted to offer everyone in the crowd an LED synchronised wristband, the crowd became a sea of colour and a tangible eruption of atmosphere all night. With Little Simz popping out as a special guest for the set, one of Coldplay’s inspirations, Michael J. Fox accompanied them on stage to play the guitar during their song “Fix You”. Particularly, Chris Martin’s showmanship coupled with how good the rest of the band are live, made for an emotional and unforgettable experience, closing off the Saturday evening at Glastonbury in the best fashion.

Tems Offers Vocal Encapsulation With Mesmerising Set On The Other Stage

Delivering a captivating performance on the Other Stage on Saturday, Tems offloaded a mesmerising set that blended soulful melodies with Afrobeat rhythms, enchanting the crowd with her hit tracks such as “Higher” and “Free Mind”. With a magnetic stage presence, the Nigerian singer’s connection with the audience was second to none, with her vocal prowess shining through every song she performed. One of the most talented vocalists in the music industry undoubtedly, Tem’s vocal range is raw and authentic which was perfectly complemented by the live band accompanying her on stage who also excelled. Her Glastonbury performance further solidified her status as a powerful voice with evolving artistry, and was memorable for all that attended – definitely one of the best sets from the weekend no doubt.

Innovative Producer Barry Can’t Swim Offloades Electronic Excellence At The Park

Barry Can’t Swim has been a rising sensation within the dance and electronic music scene over the last two years, and the turnout for his set at Glastonbury all but proved that. Having been informed that his set was one of the biggest attendances in the history of The Park stage at the festival after his set, the production maestro didn’t disappoint. Accompanied by a live band to play versions of his produced tracks, the Edinburgh-hailing artist proved his knack for innovation with a blend of deep house to jazz-infused afrobeat sounds.

Playing a range of his biggest tracks from “God Is The Space Between Us” and “Kimbara” to also bringing out his friend and poet somedeadbeat for “Deadbeat Gospel”, the energetic and infectious dance music captivated the masses in the audience, offloading 45 minutes of great vibes and frequencies who clearly is so passionate and puts his heart and soul into the music.

Afrobeat Sensation Burna Boy Brings A Vibe To The Pyramid Stage

One of the leading voices in the afrobeat genre Internationally, afro-sensation Burna Boy took to the Pyramid Stage on Sunday evening to offload an unbelievable set. Merging afrobeat and reggae influences, the star performed some of his hit tracks including “Ye” and “Last Last”, captivating the crowd with his dynamic stage presence and powerful vocals. The only artist I saw make the most out of the full Pyramid stage width span, Burna Boy took it upon himself to walk up the side of the stage below the screens to further interact with his fans, with the dancers on stage accompanying also doing similar to maximise the stage presence. With vibrant visuals, an amazing set design and tangible energy, Burna Boy’s interconnectedness with the crowd created an enthusiastic audience and made his set a standout performance from the festival.

Glastonbury’s Worst Kept Secret Set With Kasabian At Woodies

(Image: Joseph Okpako)

Probably Glastonbury’s worst-kept secret set this weekend, Woodies’ was piled up in numbers for Kasabian’s ‘secret’ performance. Originally a TBA act on the lineup, the band took to social media to confirm their appearance just less than an hour before their set began, and it’s safe to say Glastonbury goers went a little crazy.

With the venue being locked off by security due to the vast amount of people that had made their way to Woodsies, the Glastonbury 2014 headliners provided an electric set with undeniable energy. Performing some of their biggest tracks, opening up to “Club Foot” and closing to “Fire”, Woodsies was filled with flare smoke, mosh pits and reverberating vocals from the passionate crowd. One of the best sets of the weekend for sure, many will be left disappointed they couldn’t get in, cause what a show they put on!

In conclusion, Glastonbury 2024 delivered a musical feast for attendees, with standout performances from a diverse range of artists. Whether you were moved by Coldplay’s timeless and emotional classics, captivated by Barry Can’t Swim’s experimental electronic beats, touched by Tem’s soulful intimacy, energized by Burna Boy’s afro-prowess or charged up by Kasabian’s electric set, each performance contributed to the magic that is Glastonbury Festival. These sets happen to sit within my top five, however, there were countless other sets The festival once again proved why it remains a pinnacle of the global music scene, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of all who attended.