MM TALKS: Are DJs still the primary tastemakers?

Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

26 Apr 2019

It’s time for an another MMTalks with your favourite DJs!

Now, what kind of platform would we be if we didn’t cater to the people?

We’re proud to announce we’re having another panel discussion and this time we’re delving into the world of DJing! This is your opportunity to interact with prominent DJs and explore their influence on the music industry. Get those pressing questions off of your chest and gain the insight you need at MMTalks this May!

Tickets are out now, so do not miss out. Book and find out more here – we’ll see you there!

Speakers this month include DJ Semtex, Sian Anderson, Kamilla Baiden & many more to follow.