Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

17 Mar 2022

Most sustainable drinks company NOBL THIRST packs the house at Sohohouse ‘Water without the worry’ – NOBL THIRST bridging the gap between sustainability, music and culture’ 

On March 11th NOBL THIRST threw a party in T-Building at Shoreditch house, with an unexpected full house event, to show creatives how easy it is to make a lifestyle change to help our planet and address the climate change crisis; without putting too much thought into it, while drinking great tasting UK water – “ I’m from Courchevel in the French Alps and it is taste wise, in my opinion, up there with the big names like Evian and Vittel, it truly tastes like water from the Alps”, says Olympian Jonty Learoyd. 

With an influential guest list of over 350 RSVP’s the event hit capacity around 10pm and guests that managed to get inside were awed at the positive ‘no flex’ vibe. “We really wanted to put together a casual, sneakers only event where creatives could just be themselves, vibe out to hip-hop while bringing their attention NOBL WATR a product that can help them live a more sustainable lifestyle. Never in my wildest dreams did I think a “water party” would spread like wildfire via word of mouth, to the point where many well known artists, celebrities and influencers couldn’t because the event was at max capacity.” Mars Kelly reflects CCO of NOBL THIRST. 

The ‘No Flex’ event was filled with notable culture change agents such as platinum recording artist DTG, Singer and Playboy centerfold painter Nahli, artist SBK, viral Tiktok creator Richard Sales (4.5m) who said “What a fun event, packed with atmosphere and most importantly a brand innovating for change in such a crowded market.” 25 year old comedian and model Fats Timbo -”The water tastes very pure. One of the best waters I’ve had. The event had such a vibe. Amazing people and a great time,” Just to name a few. 

Also present, the well respected director of marketing for LADbible group Maya Orr says “The party was vibrant and a celebration of urban London culture. Brands with a mission are the future, and was reflected by the large and respectable turnout of the event.” The vibe of the event was turned up by Nafe Smallz and Adidas official, DJ Pjay who says “ Nobl x Beeching, a vibe that needs to be recreated. Energy levels were unmatched non stop skanking. Let’s not forget Nobl’s amazing concept with their eco-friendly water. If you weren’t there, cry about it later and come to the next one”. 

NOBL THIRST is bridging the gap between sustainability, music and culture with their experiential events. “For a long time sustainability has been painted as something quite ‘uncool’, through events it is exciting to see Nobl at the forefront of London’s cultural scene.” Sophie Beeching. 

No one could have ever expected people to go wild and vibe out to hip-hop while drinking water – “It was so amazing seeing people enjoying their Picante’s and NOBL WATR drink on the dance floor in equal measure. The crowd and vibe at Shoreditch house that night was personified why London is so cool” – Co-Founder Rav Sandhu 

Here’s to a greener and brighter UK that London’s creative scene can help push the agenda forward. -Ends