Harvey Marwood

By Harvey Marwood

Harvey Marwood

1 Nov 2021

After heavy hits including “A13”, “Uber X” and an incredibly produced new project “SMH” earlier this year, one of Essex’s best kept talents in Jordy geared up for a sold out headline show Friday.

Having been just over a week since attending the gig, I’ve had a lot more time to reflect on just how good the evening was. Selling out the 400 capacity Werkhause venue in Shoreditch, Jordy really showcased himself to be one of the finest artists this country has to offer. Performing a packed setlist including songs from over the years as an artist, the Essex rapper came out to bright camera lights and a packed out venue – with Specs taking to the decks for the set.

From being in the room you could feel such a positive and energetic vibe – with call and response throughout the gig of “Jordy not Jordan, talk to me important” creating a collective and friendly atmosphere amongst the fans. The setlist including the likes of “Uber X”, “Crinkum Crankum”, “Playas Fuck Up” – as well as bringing out Tiggs Da Author, Mercston, Pep, Skits, Elt Cheekz and Louis Rei from WSTRN.

Jordy posseses a unique talent in being able to captivate a room into listening to every last word he delivers – then at the next minute send the crowd into an energetic and lively moshpit on a whole different vibe. Songs such as “Cynical” from SMH sent the crowd into a bar for bar frenzy – with almost everyone reciting every lyric along with the main man on stage.

Closing on fan favourite “A13” – I don’t think I’ve ever attended a gig which installed such a positive sense of community and culture with everyone in the room. You could tell how much Jordy enjoyed performing and when you have an artist who isn’t afraid to show their passion – this is spread and recirprocated amongst everyone else in the audience. Overall, this event was not one to be missed for sure.

Jordy has recently announced a vinyl run of his latest project “SMH”. Vinyls can be purchased from the link in his instagram bio @jordyinit

Listen to Jordy’s latest project “SMH” below :