Supply & Demand X JD – FRIDAY 9th AUGUST

Mixtape Madness Team

By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

27 Jul 2013

First and foremost leave Friday 9th August free in your diaries because I just got off the phone to Supply & Demand and @ Love Dough, Camden they have a night of madness and crazy thing is you choose who headlines it (power to the people)!!!

But who’s Supply & Demand? Well fresh out, the New York inspired Supply & Demand streetwear exclusively available @ JD Sports.

So yep, you guessed to celebrate their launch, Supply & Demand have linked up with advocates of some of the leaders of new school. KISS FM’s grime lord Logan Sama, Roll Deep and BBC Radio 1’s/1Xtra’s DJ Target, grime pioneer Lewi White plus Manchester’s drive­time radio DJ of choice, Stylus.

They have each recommended an artist who they think should get the opportunity to perform at LoveDough on 9th August.

The line up consists of Koder (Logan Sama), Cashtastic (DJ Target) and Magic (Lewi White)

Click downloaded the Supply & Demand Facebook app and vote for which artist, you want to see perform!!! Plus you will also get the chance to win VIP guest list entry to the event; as well as the chance to win an exclusive Supply & Demand tee.

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Hastag gang: #SupplyandDemand