Best High-Street X Streetwear Collaborations Of 2023

Mixtape Madness Team

By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

14 Sep 2023

Words by Plamedi

2023 has been a pivotal year in fashion and streetwear alike, with many high-profile collaborations taking place so far. These collabs have been seen worn by the scene’s tastemakers and trendsetters. So, in respect to the craft of the designers, we at Mixtape Madness have crafted a list of our favourite collabs.

Martine Rose

Martine Rose has undoubtedly gone from stride to stride this year, garnering notable cosigns from none other than Kendrick Lamar, designing the Compton native’s entire Grammy-winning look. Where the rapper and Rose blessed us with a preview of her rendition of the Nike Shox.

Lamar has been open about his appreciation for Rose’s craft. And honestly fair enough. The rapper said in an archived Instagram post: “Bucketlist to work with Martine Rose, she moves shy but gangsta, say hello to my young.”

The shoe is now available as a part of The Martine Rose x Nike AW23 collection, which treads the well-traversed path of fashion and sportswear without appearing clichéd.

The timing of the genderless sports-themed collection arrives alongside the dawn of the Women’s World Cup. Meaning there’s no better time to champion exclusivity in fashion and sports alike. Rose has hit the nail on the board.

The designer said in a press release: “I hope one day we’re not talking about gender in sport and are just talking about the sport. Once everything is stripped back, it’s just the game that’s left.”

Fashion and Streetwear
Image sourced by Nike

Corteiz x Nike Air Max 95

When it comes to ruling the streetwear world, many have tried and failed. Flash in the pans and fads alike have popped up but failed to grab and most importantly keep the attention of the youth quite like Corteiz.
The brand was founded in 2017 by Clint, and since its formation, the brand has relentlessly made strides whilst changing the way the streetwear scene looks at marketing. Now six years after, the chokehold that Corteiz has on today’s youth is now very well-chronicled.
It was only a matter of time before Nike took notice.

A collaboration between Corteiz and Nike simply makes sense. So, the success of the Corteiz 110s was to be expected but you cannot take away from the work put in by Clint and his team.

With the likes of Jorja Smith, Eduardo Camavinga and Slawn appearing in the various advertisements for the trainer, there’s no surprise that you can see this collaboration on feet all over the streets of London, Paris, and New York alike.
The three colourways ‘Gutta Green,’ ‘Pink Beam,’ and ‘Aegean Storm’ have consistently sold out after each restock making it one of the most coveted collabs of the year.
Clint speaking in an interview with the 90s Baby Show: “Before the Nike announcement came out Corteiz had half a million followers on Instagram before we even had the collaboration with the biggest company in the world… this was just an added booster.”

Fashion and Streetwear
Image from @clint419

Palace x Evisu

We all know about London’s eccentric rave and club scene. The scene has multiple clubs ranking within the top ten nights out globally by the likes of Timeout and Evening Standard. If you look at the garment choice of attendees, you will quickly notice that Palace and Evisu frequently pop up.

The collection from London-based Palace and Japanese-based Evisu ensures that each brand’s essence remains untouched but instead brings out the best of the pair. If you’re a fan of floral embroidery alongside Evisu’s trademark motif, then this collection is for you. Or if you think you will rate an elevated rendition of the streetwear/skatewear vibe Palace provides then this collection is also for you.

So, the collaboration naturally has been extremely well accepted by many of the scene’s elite. With D Double E, DJ Anz and Heartless Crew appearing in a short film championing the collab.