International Ferg Gives Us 10 UK Drill Songs That The U.S Are Feeling!

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

8 Jan 2021

Helping bridge the gap between both the UK and the U.S music scenes, is Thaddeus “International Ferg” Ferguson, the reputable American influencer who was born in Harlem, New York City, an epicenter of all things culture and music.

Growing a love and passion for music from a young age, after finishing High School he began making frequent trips over to Europe where he quickly became fond of the British culture; charmed by the way of life, culture and music that came from this side of the pond he stumbled across the charismatic sounds of Grime and began sharing the championed British sound with many of his friends and peers back home. “London is like my second home, so much culture, talent and great vibes. I can’t wait until the country opens up again, really missing it lol”, he told Mixtape Madness over email.

Journeying back to the beginning of what has been referred to as a ‘terrordome’ of a year, International Ferg activated his ever-growing YouTube Channel back in January of 2020 and started dishing out a flurry of reaction videos that merged the gap between the UK and U.S. Over the last year or so, the Drill scene in both Brooklyn, Chicago and the UK have taken to higher heights. With various crossovers in the making, we asked International Ferg for 10 UK Drill tracks that the U.S are feeling and he gave us the following…

10. Dutchavelli – “Only If You Knew”

“Honestly from the hook to the flow, to me, this is mad different than anything I’ve heard. I think it holds a special place with me as it’s the first drill song I ever covered, as my channel only really covered Grime and UK Rap in the beginning”

9. Skengdo & AM – ‘Mad About Bars’ Freestyle

“By far my favorite ‘Mad About Bars’, but when that beat dropped with “Kick down doors, think again you mug” you feel this is about to be a classic – literally!”

8. Unknown T – “Homerton B”

“What is there not to like about this song!! Definitely a classic. I have seen people from all walks of life that I know that don’t even listen to Drill singing this song like an anthem. Even Jonathan Ross said he loved Unknown T from ‘Homerton B’ and you can tell by the way he said it, that it was influenced from listening to the song – by far one of my favorite songs in any genre.”

7. SL – “Gentlemen”

“You don’t get to 50 million views on YouTube without it being a classic. This is one of the smoothest drill songs. The video is raw and I love the hook when everybody chants “Pull up crash and I’m wetting them”

6. Abra Cadabra – “On Deck”

“Honestly, the rate this song has been growing on me, if we were to do this list next year it’ll most likely be number one. This is definitely one of my go to Drill tracks when I am putting someone on to UK Drill for the first time. Everything from the beat, to the hook and the verse – even the remix is crazy. This one will probably go down in history as one of the dopest tracks to come out of Drill from Chicago, the UK and Brooklyn etc.”

5. Giggs ft 67 – “Lets Lurk”

“Not only is this song considered to be one of the greatest Drill songs already, but it’s hard to even say who had the best verse as everyone killed it. Hearing Giggs on this beat was crazy dope to me and different than what I was used to with him. So many Americans were new to this song and ran into it after “Mans Not Hot” went viral and went looking for that, they ran into this song and was like wow this is amazing! It had us Americans looking like we were late to the party lol!”

4. Digga D – ‘Fire In The Booth’ Freestyle

“Honestly, with this one it was hard, as all of his songs I rate really highly but I chose the ‘Fire In The Booth’ because not only was it Drill but it had so many punch lines in it and if you don’t rewind it back you miss so many. From the video game schemes that we really don’t get the pleasure of hearing on Drill tracks, to the fire beat and laid back flow, this was a 10 out of 10 for me.”

3. Headie One x Drake – “Only You Freestyle”

“By far one of my favorite tracks of the year! Drake and Headie One – what more can I say! Drake killed it, the flow was effortless and it had some subliminal shots in there that didn’t even get crazy attention as the song was so crazy out there, there was so much engagement about both their flows. ivermectin stercoralis dog Headie One killed it also, he kept it London and didn’t Americanize it up even though he knew it would get big U.S attention. If you understood what he was saying you understood, you didn’t have to go do your googles lol! He kept it raw, by far one of the best collaborations we’ve ever seen – P.S. I also called on air they were going to do a song together right after Drake dropped “War” lol”

2. Bis x Blanco x Active x MizOrMac – “Kennington Where It Started”

“You do not know International Ferg if you don’t already know that this is one of my favorite songs of all time – everybody killed it!! So many quotable lines that will be remembered forever “Question if gang pull up, are you gonna back your bredrin?”, jheeze!! It’s a classic, you can’t think of UK Drill and not see MizOrMac walking out of that Kennington station – I actually feel bad giving it number two! ivermectina veterinaria dosis

1. Headie One x RV – “Know Better”

“Everyone that knows me, will know that any Drill list I do, I will have this as number one. I’ve think I’ve listened to this song more times than any song in the past five years. Just the concept of the “Shh” when not trying to incriminate yourself is fire. Not sure if they were the first to do it but that’s definitely the first time I heard it. The beat was crazy and the flow was crazy, I literally sent this song to everyone in my contact list to get an opinion on it, and the fact it has a little back story to it definitely put the icing on the cake. ivermectina pode tomar na gravidez I always imagine hearing Jay Z hop on this remix and hear how he would go at this one.”

Keep up to date with International Ferg via his Instagram and YouTube Channel.