Key Glock Chats To Mixtape Madness Before His Headline London Show

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

8 Jul 2022

Key Glock is one of the hottest artists coming out of America right now, and his headline show at Earth Hackney did not disappoint. With warm ups from DJ Cass and Fee Gonzales, Glock provided the energy, playing tracks from ‘Yellow Tape’ and ‘Yellow Tape 2’, amongst other hits from his discography. We managed to chat to Glock minutes before he hit the stage, as the man from Memphis seemed assured and confident before his time in the spotlight:

How would you describe your musical journey?

My journey? It’s been fun, man. I’m looking to create more adventures.

Coming out of Memphis, do you feel like your putting your city on the map right now?

Yeah, but it’s been on the map. We’ve had Three Six Mafia, Dolph, Project Pat. I’m just giving it a little push myself.

What were your influences growing up? Was it mostly artists from Memphis or was it more spread out?

I’d say my biggest influences would be Three Six, Dolph, Gucci Mane. Also Lil Wayne and Future. Those were the guys when I was coming up that I listened to. 

You said Gucci Mane, there. The first song you ever made was over a Gucci Mane instrumental, and you ended up working with him. How was that for you?

It was easy. I know I was lucky to get the opportunity but it was easy for me. He’s my favourite rapper so I knew it would work.

Are there any other collaborations you would like to see between you and any other artists?

(Laughs) I wanna drop with Glizock again.

Obviously on your own projects, you don’t really work with many other artists. Is that a conscious decision for you?

Yeah, it’s definitely a conscious decision. I don’t like nobody (smiles).

Do you check for any artists in the UK?

I know of a few artists who I might hear one song from but I don’t actually know a lot about UK artists.

You’re out on tour at the moment, how are you finding it? What’s been your favourite city so far?

Smooth and successful, bro. (Laughs) I feel like you’re trying to catch me out with that second question, I’ve just come from Barcelona last night but I like London. I’ll know for sure after tonight.

Finally, what are your plans going forward? What are you looking to do next?

I just wanna keep shitting on everybody, man. That’s all. I’m gonna stay minding my own business.

Thanks for talking to us.

Appreciate it, enjoy the show, man.

It is clear that Key Glock has tunnel vision on his own success. After losing his cousin and most consistent collaborator, Young Dolph, last year, it is no surprise that Glock wants to focus on himself, as made apparent with his answer of ‘Glizock’, an alter ego of Glock’s, to my question of collaboration. This lack of collaboration is unique in today’s music industry, and sets Glock apart from his competitors, giving him a core fan following. His show proved that his music translated across the Atlantic, and it will only be a matter of time before the Memphis rapper is selling out the biggest venues all over the world.