Mad About Bars: The Best of 2020

Mixtape Madness

By Mixtape Madness

Mixtape Madness

3 Jan 2021

The game is about championing the thriving talent we all can’t get enough of, as it unravels before us! For five seasons we have followed that model and pulled the UK’s leading rap acts to the famous mic. Lock in below as we’ve listed our standout freestyles and with that — new year, new guestlist!


Welcomed with an encouraging introduction from Kenny Allstar, “How about another one for the history books? It’s the ‘Golden Boy’ of the country right now…M1llionz!”, the Birmingham native who’s known for his unpredictable and dynamic flow absolutely shelled this one! Releasing hit after hit last year, M1llionz is slowly but surely becoming a house-hold name for many across the nation; currently sitting with over 1.3 million views on YouTube, the four minute long freestyle that weaves three Drill-infused beats into one seamless production see’s M1llionz pocketing areas that not many can. Pushing his ability to a new level, not only does he certify his versatility but his lyrical strength to by intertwining a variety of Football references from start to finish. Sending supporters wild in the comment section, many of which were left mind blown by his self-assured approach; “His flow is so good that the beat has to switch up instead of his flow”. This was definitely a stand-out freestyle from 2020! – Elle Evans

H Moneda

For the South London rapper, sophisticated and luxurious trap themes are the driving force of his pen. H Moneda touched base with his assertive Mad About Bars performance which was a 3-minute look into his movie-like lifestyle, and an extension of his existing hard-hitting projects. With demonstrations of organic rap ability, merging cockney and yard dialects on a seamless flow, H Moneda proved that he is, in fact, in a different league. Painting vivid pictures by way of his clever wordplay, listeners have no choice but to hang onto every word as truth. Amongst the other talents on this Mad About Bars season, the MC stands out with a freestyle we can run back like a polished track. The crescendo within his freestyle offering takes off in the middle as his energy visibly heightens. What we witness after that is nothing short of a lyrical madness — all guns go blazing as he overwhelmingly hits us with bar after bar. This is undeniably one of the best sessions to unravel on our series. — Sweeney Gloria


Our Christmas special featured none other than one of the best of new talent, wewantwraiths. In a melodic number, the rapper laid his truths bare in his lyrics against the hi-hat patterns. As described by host, Kenny Allstar, the newcomer is ‘taking the wave sound to new heights’ with raw delivery that I’d sit with other established acts within this sub-genre. He experiments with melodies that are not conventionally British Rap, exciting us with a fresh sonic sound and a new direction for U.K. rap music. Wewantwraiths’ music engages listeners, nodding to his highly-streamed breakthrough track, spotlighting the artist as a talent to watch in 2021. Mad About Bars displays the best of what all artists can do in a freestyle segment, and the rapper doesn’t fail this challenge. Cutting into a classic trap-wave beat, to bring an end to his impressive performance, the masked rapper leaves us with caption-worthy bars and a contagious hook! — Sweeney Gloria


I mean, where do we even start with this one? Reputable for his eloquent delivery, exquisite pen and all-round impeccable artistry, it was inevitable that this would be nothing but lightwork for a legend within British Rap. Clocking in at just under three minutes long, we are welcomed with a steady-paced backdrop courtesy of Ten Billion Dreams that enables Ghetts to wrap his thought-provoking lyricism around; “Ask me how I’m doing, and I’ll just reply I can’t complain / I own my masters, but I still got the slave master’s name /  In the eyes of the news I’m just another Black guy rapper / How can I talk ’bout killing my opp’s and in the same breath say Black Lives Matter”, he rhymes with conviction. Touching on an assortment of imperative topics including mental state and Black Lives Matter, you’ll have to re-load this one a few times in order to fully capture his lyrical brilliance. – Elle Evans

Central Cee

Currently standing as one of 2021’s most exciting emcees, Central Cee has shown huge potential over the last year, from his fierce street heaters “Day In The Life” and “Molly”, to his more recent banger “Loading”, the West-London native is set to takeover 2021! Journeying back to August, the rising emcee turned the heads of many with his ‘Mad About Bars’ freestyle, having accumulated over 2.5 million views, his domineering pen took centre stage from beginning to end. Boasting an evident level of grit and maturity, he finishes it off with a sprinkle of raw street poetics all whilst flaunting his straight-talking and point-blanc delivery that left supporters wanting more. Split into two halves, Central Cee with no hesitation, took on two Kazza-manufactured beats with ease; each varying in sound, he showcased his ability to switch up his style effortlessly. With more music on the way, Central Cee’s ‘Mad About Bars’ freestyle will always stand as an eloquent offering from his ever-growing catalogue. – Elle Evans


Six months ago, Kwengface, stepped to Kenny Allstar’s Mad About Bars mic with a vengeance and something to prove. And, that he certainly did. The ascending Rapstar commenced his debut by asserting his presence from the the very start. He did so by rocketing across a muscular dual-production – courtesy of the craftsmanship of Akuma Standards and Madara Beatz. Known for wielding a witty dexterity with his pen and a forceful flow scheme. The Zone 2 member grappled the heavy hitting backing by spraying an onslaught of cheeky, charismatic and unapologetic lyrical declarations across pertaining to his lifestyle. – Rehana Harmony

French The Kid

Last year, French The Kid, exponentially bagged himself a permanent seat within the rap game. If you weren’t sold on him before, this freestyle will surely do the trick. Kenny Allstar seems to think so too, as he announced the artist as “one of the most exciting [rappers] to come through this year,”. Earning every second of his warm welcome, French arrived with a lengthy freestyle. In which the Essex-rapper drew us into his world with a captivating, lyrical account of his life. This detailed memories of himself grafting, family trauma and a despair-filled dialogue with a lover. Slowing his tempo halfway through, French ensured every candid rhyme he reeled off was felt. To which he transcribes the consequences of his lifestyle and it’s effects on his mental health. This shows that pure talent and sincerity goes a long way, which could probably explain why this is the most viewed freestyle of the season! – Rehana Harmony