Next Up? Young LS

Hiba Hassan

By Hiba Hassan

Hiba Hassan

18 Aug 2022

Young LS is taking the music scene by storm with his distinct sound after dropping Little Blonde on Mixtape Madness. Now, the Liverpool-native has released his Next Up? adding to his ever-growing portfolio of sound that has seen the rapper accumulate a large audience on YouTube and across social media. Catching an artist at the very beginning of their career is always a special moment as we witness when the journey is built brick by brick. 

We caught up with Young LS on his Next Up? and his journey so far…

Describe your Next Up? in one sentence.

Personally, for me, my Next Up? is my favourite thing I have written as I feel it’s my most unique work and it’s different from any others I have written, as it shows I can work on a drill-type beat.

Emerging from Liverpool, what’s the music scene like there and why should we pay attention to it?

Being completely honest, the music scene hasn’t been big in the past. Down here although a lot of us listen to rap and London/Manny/Birmingham artists down here there haven’t been many rappers other than in the past Aystar/Tremz. Whereas this year it has completely changed and is it on the rise more than most cities I would say following Hazey packs and potions people down here now have the confidence to go ahead and give it ago.

When did you realise music was what you wanted to do and/or take it seriously?

For me it was a few weeks after I dropped the song and I was getting good feedback/comments on YouTube and TikTok. I thought I could really make this happen and then when different labels started reaching out I thought ‘yeah I’m doing this for good now.’ As my honest plan was to just do the one song to put my brother who passed names on the map.

Little Blonde is now sitting on over 2 million views, did you expect that? And how important is it for you to work with producers like Tweeko?

No, I never expected that what so ever I even have messages still here from April saying if I was to reach 50K views it would be an absolute blessing, so to reach 2.5 million is just mad for me. But as I said to Sam the other day I couldn’t have done it without yourselves for allowing me to post on your channel and for Tweeko for producing it for me it meant more than the world to work with him and I need to get back in with him ASAP as I had never stepped foot in a studio in my life and he made me feel comfortable in there. I felt like it was home so big love to him always.

Having the backing of a label like Polydor, what’s next for you?

Having the backing of a label of course if massive as jumping into the music scene and having one song and getting signed is an absolute blessing. As I know people in this scene work hard daily and still are yet to be signed so it is a big blessing. What’s next for me is I have a big song I feel will once again blow up on TikTok/YouTube so I’m just waiting to do a music video for it and then get it posted.

Watch Young LS’s Next Up? above and on our Youtube channel now!