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Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

25 Jan 2021

Forging her own path – yes I said her – the fearless and incredibly talented, Ceebeaats, is a formidable new driver of sound with in UK rap landscape. Raised in a musical household, Ceebeaats’ fascination for music has steered her into the versatile producer she is today. Last year, the budding 17-year-old got a lot of recognition for her contribution to Digga D’s chart-topping single, ‘Woi’. While many may know her for catering to drill predominantly, the producer uses her social media to showcase her vast musical knowledge by releasing snippets of her samples, R&B-tinged drill beats and Afro-leaning creations. We caught up with Ceebeaats to find out all about what has influenced her, dream collaborations and being a woman in music. 

Hey Ceebeaats, tell us a bit about yourself!

My name is Ceebeaats, I’m a 17-year-old producer from the UK. I co-produced Digga D’s single, ‘Woi.’ I mainly produce drill, however I can produce a variety of different genres such as; afroswing, hiphop, trap, rnb. 

My passion for music drives me to create beats and motivates me to become the best I can be.


What sparked your interest in production?

My mum sparked my interest in production at a very young age. She’s a singer, songwriter and producer. I was always intrigued by her bass lines and infectious melodies which I incorporate in my own music today.

How does it feel to know a song you co- produced has gone silver?

It feels amazing, ‘Woi’ went silver in just 4 months. I’ve loved the positive reaction from the public and to know I’ve been apart of such an amazing song. Hopefully many more to come! 

That must be super motivating, have you thought about any other accomplishments you’d like to conquer next?

I’d like to produce a platinum record, work with my dream artists, have my own studios and keep on creating!

What is it like to be a young woman in such a male dominated sector of the industry?

I’ve actually found it very easy to be in the industry as a female producer. I’ve had such amazing support and love from people and my audience.

Last year we are released our One To Watch list, it would be interesting to hear who you think people should keep an eye on this year?

I’d say the people to keep an eye on is Abra Cadabra, Central Cee, Shaybo, Tana, Amun, Ms Banks, Backroad Gee, DigDat, Unknown T and Ivorian Doll. They’re all immensely talented artists and I can see them excelling in 2021.

Could you tell me two of your favourite beats? – One for the UK and the other the U.S.

UK, Kojo Funds ft. Wizkid – ‘I like’ and for the US, Do or Die – ‘Paid the price’. 

Are there any producers that have influenced your sound or that you look up to career-wise?

Timbaland, Scott Storch and Kanye West have definitely been my favourite producers since I was little and who I’ve looked up to career wise in my production.

One thing we need more of is producer projects. So if you were to come out with a project what artists would you choose to open the project and what artists would you pick for the finale?

I’d start with Digga D, Abracadabra and Drake. And, for the finale Darkoo, MidasTheJagaban and Young T & Bugsey.

Everyone wants to leave a mark on the scene, what sort of impact do you see yourself leaving in the years to come?

I would love to be seen as a female producer that has inspired and motivated other females to make beats and be fearless. I also want women, as well as men, to know that they can do it too – it’s never too late!

If you could only hear one genre for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

If I could hear one genre for the rest of my life? It would be R&B. I just love how versatile the sound can be and the vibe it creates.

Could you get up your Spotify/Apple music and share what the last song you listened to was?

The last song I listened to is ‘We Need A Resolution’ by Aaliyah.

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