Top 10 Features & Collabs: Stormzy and Dave

Mixtape Madness

By Mixtape Madness

Mixtape Madness

8 Jul 2021


Originating from Grime culture, MC cyphers and freestyles, rising to billboards, #1’s and awards – Stormzy is currently one of the UK’s most heavily thriving artists. With two sensational bodies of work ‘Gang Signs & Prayers’ and “Heavy Is The Head”, involving collaborations with names like H.E.R, Burna Boy, Kehlani and more, Stormzy’s artistry has expanded and developed massively over the years. With an inviting personality so grateful and humble, Stormzy will undeniably continue to reach new heights as he progresses as an artist. In anticipation of the upcoming link up with UK rap prodigy Dave, here are our Top 5 features/collaborations by Stormzy:

Real Life – Burna Boy ft. Stormzy

“Yes, we are blessed but it’s harder to see sometimes
Tryna find my peace of mind
You said how could we be so blinded?
You just follow your dreams and go live your life”

Back in 2020, prominent Nigerian Born Afrobeat artist Burna Boy tapped the UK’s very own grime originate Stormzy contributing to newly anticipated album ‘Twice As Tall’. Having collaborated on the highest streamed song on the album, Burna Boy and Stormzy’s “Real Life” created a sizeable cultural impact, joining forces to create enjoyable, refreshing new art. With executive production by Diddy himself, Stormzy’s significance in appearing on the album was evident making his status clear to be nothing less than great. Blessing the track with a sweet-sounding melodic hook, Stormzy delivers an elegant, laid back flow accompanied by soothing vocals. The message indicated implies being grateful for life and passionately following your dreams, finding your purpose and allowing life to take its course. – Casey

Cigarettes and Cush – Stormzy ft. Khelani & Lily Allen

“Smokin’ smoke ’til we’re wavy and gone
Come home from a long hard day with the dons
Like where’s my baby? I’m sorry it’s been long”

Stormzy has never refrained to show us his emotional side, undeniably a loverboy – Stormzy enlisted US R&B sensation Kehlani as well as UK prodigy Lily Allen for 2017 “Cigarettes and Cush”. Mentioned in an informative interview – Stormzy relays the context of this song being created off the basis of the production. Giving a laid back, chilled, “Sunday Vibe”, Stormzy related this release to chilling and smoking with your babes. As a debut album, ‘Gang Signs & Prayers’ developed Stormzy’s artistry considerably, largely showcasing his widened versatility and overall musical ability. Hearing Stormzy’s elements of rap, as well as his contribution on the hook alongside Lily Allen allowed this song to achieve a great reception through its success and chemistry created. – Casey

One Second – Stormzy ft. HER

“Lord knows Ima do it if I can
When I take a stand they say I’m ruining my brand
But I could never give a fuck, that’s just my duty as a man”

Another R&B infused track indulging in melodies, Stormzy connects with US great H.E.R for the sensational release of “One Second”. Featuring on Stormzy’s sophomore album “Heavy Is The Head”, this track particularly talks on the pressures he faces as a popular figure and the struggles against the mainstream media. Stormzy’s realness and transparency is a characteristic he continues to present as an artist, using his platform for the greater good. Throughout “One Second”, Stormzy speaks to audiences addressing political conversation through his music. H.E.R delivers shockingly beautiful vocals on the hook, followed by Stormzy’s confident, meaningful charisma. The two highly respected artists show their undeniable chemistry, being a favourite track of many. – Casey

Skengman – Ghetts ft. Stormzy

New but impactful. Old gen meets new. A link up at the heart of UK grime. One of the most renowned grime artists to rise from the UK scene, London specifically – Ghetts pulled Stormzy to be part of new album ‘Conflict Of Interest’ charting at #2 in the UK charts. Stormzy and Ghetts deliver their grime-infused verses on a menacing, attention-grabbing production. Providing the track with distinctive flowss flooded in lyrical incredibility – Skengman will undeniably progress to age well in the time of current music. – Casey

Audacity – Stormzy ft Headie One

Two proclaimed kings of their genres, 1 of grime, 1 of Drill – joined forces for highly anticipated drop “Audacity”. Stormzy powerfully steps on to the track with insane flows and lyrical, punchy bars gliding on the hard-hitting production. Delivering a sonically-pleasing “Audacity” hook, Stormzy carries the track, passing on the baton to North London native Headie One. Demonstrating his unique, much-approved flow, Headie One projects his talents on to the track accompanied by his usual witty, clever wordplay. Linking up again later on “Aint It Different”, the two prominent UK artists display their effective, evident chemistry. – Casey


It was only a matter of time before two of the most prolific figures to break through on the UK and international music scene would unite; two champions who rose from the South side of London and haven’t failed to leave an impression on the listeners they influence. It’s almost as if this fate was set in stone by the picture, they captured years ago, that has gone on to be symbolic of this full circle moment, following the announcement that this pair of prodigies would be linking up for a track.  Artists of their calibre are like a blue moon – they don’t appear often, but when do, it’s like they were chosen to leave a legacy through their craft.

As Stormzy and Dave gear up to deliver their first joined work, here’s our break down of Dave’s Top 5 features/collaborative tracks:

Peligro – Giggs ft. Dave | Giggs – Straight Murder (Giggs & David) ft. Dave

Giggs x Dave is a place where road rap, meets poetry and seeing as the pair first united on a track for Giggs’ Peligro, and as of late Straight Murder, it’s inevitable to draw comparisons between Santan’s former and current pen, flow and manner of delivery on both tracks. In Peligro he served listeners with an extremely cheeky, confident aura and the type of world play that may require a few listens to get fully accustomed to. On Straight Murder however, Dave came on a completely different wavelength; from his mysterious, deep tone to the choice of lyrical structure, which sees the Streatham native being creative in his use of punchlines and range of pop culture references. – Amanda

Mercury – ft. Kamal

‘Is there happiness in a girl?
Am I in love,

or do I love having someone to help,
with distracting me from myself’

A prominent bar that doesn’t fail to stand out with each listen of Mercury, and the type that can hit home for a lot of us when it comes to evaluating the value of modern-day relationship dynamics; especially if there’s a power-struggle in determining whether we truly find happiness within us, or obtain it by experiencing a sense of escapism in a significant other. Featuring emerging artist Kamal who channels his angelic vocals into an affectionate hook that fits with the Real Rap production (mastered by Kyle Evans), this work portrays an emotive Dave, and is representative of a life post Psychodrama – with segments of his story telling lyricism being focused on how he’s reaping the fruits of his labour, and handling success following the release of a multi-platinum (conceptual) debut album. – Amanda

Samantha – Dave x J Hus

“What do you mean you can’t talk for a sec
It’s calm, you don’t even know what you’ve lost
Stone Island from my head to my feet
When I step on the street, I don’t know what it cost
I know it’s expensive”

The transition from serious and stumbling over his words, to completely unphased when Dave transitions into a singsong like tone at the halfway point of his individual verse, really is the epitome of eccentric. The piano-laced collaboration between Santan and Hus, arrived when this pair were making their rise on the scene, and looking back at the time of release (2017, pre- Six Paths Tour, when life was good) Samantha’s purpose was to show audiences that they could have fun with it. Since then, the duo has gone onto create the Hip-Hop heavy, Disaster that has a more mature, and refined feel to it – but again demonstrates a comical artist chemistry that is magnetic. – Amanda

18 Hunna – Headie One ft. Dave

David shelled his feature on the Trap-Drill Headie track,18 Hunna (produced by 169), and presented an artistic side that can immerse itself into cruddy-esque instrumentals, intended to leave a memorable impression. Turning away from his steady, spoken-word style delivery, the rapper flourished with a high-energy manner that demonstrated his ability to mould into a UK Drill artist – with ease – all while maintaining the integrity of lyrical styles his listeners would be used to hearing. – Amanda

Rule of Two – Youngs Teflon ft. Dave

“I wanted to make moves, but its fucked cos the worker in me,
always seems to argue with the boss in me,
Nobody made change sticking to the policy,
Nobody’s speaking for the youth and it bothers me,
They said I’d either do crime, or be a rapper
I’d manage to do both so I’m a self-fulfilling prophecy”

Getting the call up from another fellow South Londoner and Real Rapper, Youngs Teflon, in Rule of Two, Santan didn’t fail to get in touch with his conscious side when delivering the above lines that cleverly use juxtaposing personal scenarios, to create an introspective verse. Here the penman puts into perspective the struggle one can face with themselves internally – when making challenging decisions – and how surreal it can feel, once coming to terms with defying the odds of what his life should have been like, if it wasn’t for the art. – Amanda