Top 5 Picks: M24

Mixtape Madness

By Mixtape Madness

Mixtape Madness

30 Oct 2020

Over the past two years, M24’s career has steadily ascended and the rapper is now one of the UK’s biggest rap acts. Known for his gritty and true-to-drill sound, the South London native is taking the nation by storm. Kick starting the new decade with back to back success, M24 is heavy on everyone’s radar. This year the rapper delivered his debut project, “Drip N Drill”, and recently dropped his latest single, “Nikeys”, not to mention everything in-between! We’ve compiled a list – in no particular order – of five tracks that showcase his talent best.

“No Cap”

Known for his charismatic and vigorous sound, the South London native delivered exactly that in the hard-hitting vibrations of ‘No Cap’. Fresh off the back of one of his biggest collaborations to date, ‘London’ alongside Tion Wayne, ‘No Cap’ was one of many charged-up singles dropped off earlier this year. Coating the 808 heavy, melodic and skittering backdrop, courtesy of Quincy, with his signature gruff and assertive tone, ‘No Cap’ is undoubtedly one of M24’s top 5 tracks to date. Stamping the beat with his famous “uh-uh” adlibs, adding that extra punch to already firm offering, ‘No Cap’ really is as evident as the title suggests. Spraying the beat with straight-talking and no-nonsense bars alongside raw street poetics, this track captures the ambience and aura of M24 perfectly. Currently sitting at just under 3 million views on YouTube alone, not to mention the 2.3 million streams on Spotify, ‘No Cap’ was yet another stand-out offering to add to his ever-growing catalog from the established rapper. – Elle Evans

“We Don’t Dance”

Every rapper aspires to have a record that shuts down the streets, locks off the dance and welcomes a crowd around the DJ’s deck. M24 achieved just that with “We Don’t Dance” in the summer of 2019, with a no-nonsense hook that shook rooms. The South London rapper took his stance, repping the wider GBG collective, with prominent Brixton rapper, Stickz. The record marked a pivotal moment in his career as he amassed a larger following across the U.K., almost instantly, which, in turn, catapulted him into the bigger league of U.K. rap. He proved his ability to appeal to both drill fans and commercial audiences with the timeless anthem, and riddled the track with quotable, tongue-in-cheek bars. M24’s contribution to “We Don’t Dance” saw him become the new entree in the dialogue around all-time U.K. drill bangers, being placed alongside heavyweights of the genre. — Sweeney Gloria

“Do It & Crash”

“Do It & Crash” was a defining moment for the rapper, hailing from Brixton, who was still just emerging at the time. In fact, this is the very track that – arguably – put M24 on the map for listeners from in and around the area. In a seamless collaboration track with the local drill duo, AM & Skengdo, the newcomer kicked it off with a statement verse. M24 displayed entertaining and experimental flair in his artistry, with features such as the amusing “Beat his ass!” ad-lib, crowds couldn’t wait to scream. His strength lies in the backing from his community and the engagement between them, at ground level, gives him an awareness that keeps him ahead. Supplying the streets with charismatic music is the formula that has seen M24 transition from the “Do It & Crash” rookie into a national rap figure. — Sweeney Gloria

“London” (ft. Tion Wayne)

“What you know ’bout a double 4? What you know ’bout rambos twinning?”
We have to give credit where credit is due. M24 is on top of his game when it comes to his collaboration history and his consistent delivery of bars that stick with listeners! Powered by the roar in his tone, when M24 spits it is undoubtedly followed by a rapid increase of adrenaline. The jumpy record, “London (ft Tion Wayne)”, landed a position in the Official Singles Charts and remained there for six consecutive weeks – a true testament to the rising artist’s star potential. For the rapper, capitalising on all aspects of his persona produces a versatile stream of music, with avenues to explore different themes. He creates room to be flamboyant and greazy all within one, well-timed verse. A steady cadence, paired with snappy rhymes is classic M24 and unlike any of his other singles, “London” anchored him as a force within the U.K. rap scene. — Sweeney Gloria

“Unruly Killy”

We couldn’t pick 5 tracks without diving deeper into his continuous catalog! Journeying back to the latter end of 2018, M24 graced his supporters with a brand new joint titled, ‘Unruly Killy’. The South London emcee has recently built a reputation for his vigorous tone, that has not only seen him enter the charts, but also add an explosive punch to his music; if you compare ‘Unruly Killy’ to his present-day sound, his growth and determination couldn’t be more evident. Layered over a slick and melodic backdrop courtesy of D Proffit, the beat enables M24’s vocals to sit at the forefront of the song. Glazing the piano-led and atmospheric instrumental with a laid-back and effortless approach, he showers street poetics from start to finish. Weaving in between both infectious melodies and a stripped back hook, not to mention his staple ad-libs, ‘Unruly Killy’ had to make the list! – Rehana Harmony