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13 May 2021

Posing as one of British Rap’s most loved and respected artists, we’ve arguably watched Deno flourish from his break-through video when he was just 13 years of age to gaining global recognition. Over the years, the 18-year-old has impressed many of us with his infectious hooks, slick verses and all-round swagger. kasyno online automaty As we gear up for the release of Deno’s highly awaited debut mixtape ‘Boy Meets World’ which is set to drop tomorrow (midnight), we took a look back his discography thus far and selected – in no particular order – our top 5 picks!

“Advice” x Cadet

Joining forces in 2018 with the proclaimed ‘Underrated Legend’ Cadet, Deno executed the immensely prominent hook on “Advice” as well as a captivating verse jam-packed with fiery, witty punchlines. The innovative contrast of Deno and Cadet’s sounds subsequently resulted in them becoming an increasingly approved UK duo, as they successfully accumulated over 71 million streams on “Advice”. Cadet’s rhythmic style of rap complements Deno’s sound in a way that sonically pleases many audiences, evolving as one of the biggest tracks to come out of that year! – Casey


Posing as one of the lead singles from his debut EP ‘Eye 2 Eye’ that dropped back in 2019, “Lifestyle” gave listeners a deeper insight into what the fun-filled project would sound like. Accommodating a bass-heavy and slick production, Deno glazed the beat with his signature silk-like vocals and infectious melodies as he boasted his his luxurious and flashy lifestyle. zawiera zakłady sportowe krzyżówka Paired alongside a set of crisp visuals, dressed in black from head to toe, we followed Deno around in a fresh whip living his best life. Having accumulated just under 2 millions views on YouTube alone, “Lifestyle” certified his potential to create a wheel-up worthy cut that is fit perfect for summer. – Elle Evans

“Motorola” – Da BeatFreakz x Dappy x Swarmz x Deno

A motive anthem that we’re all very much familiar with, and Deno was only 16 when he delivered the infectious lines “My mandem mad, don’t be sad I’m on a Motorola, my mandem can, don’t be sad, we taking over,” that have been ingrained into our memories for us to remember, anytime “Motorola” does come on! Joining forces with Swarmz on the main chorus of this Da BeatFreakz-produced work, emphasis on how well Deno’s vocals can gel with other artists’, as well as the lively aura he can bring to a track! pokaż darmowe gry hazardoweAmanda

“Home Alone” – D Block Europe feat Deno & Swarmz

Known to be one for impactful features, Deno appeared on D Block Europe’s 2019 ‘Home Alone’ debut solo mixtape. Alongside fellow rapper Swarmz, further seen on huge hits including “Motorola” and “Pumpy”, Deno effortlessly delivers his melodic charm on his verse on the second to last track “Home Alone”. This verse undeniable reinstates Deno’s talent and vocal ability as he glides on the production, displaying emotive sensual wordplay throughout his lyrics. If Deno was to have a top feature, this track would undoubtedly have to be addressed. – Casey

“Circles” – Deno feat OFB

Jumping on a Drill beat – courtesy of Da BeatFreakz! – alongside OFB’s Bandokay and Double Lz, “Circles” highlight’s Deno’s ability to not only merge with the North side, but to also switch up genres, and still effectively use his melodic tone to drive the hook whilst accentuating the production in the way he delivers; turning what would just be a raunchy ‘Drill song’, to a harmonious hybridisation of this music category which has been on the rise – commonly referred to as RnDrill. – Amanda

What are your top 5 Deno tracks / features?