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Mixtape Madness Bloggers

28 Jan 2021

As we gear up for the release of his highly-awaited sophomore album entitled ‘Money Can’t Buy Happiness’, we took a deeper dive back into Fredo’s ever-growing discography and selected our top 5 tracks – in no particular order – from the hit-maker! With a boast-worthy selection of hits behind him including “Funky Friday” alongside Dave, not to mention his 2018 mixtape ‘Tables Turn’, to his debut album ‘Third Avenue’ back in 2019, Fredo is ready to hit the ground running this year!

‘Daily Duppy’ Freestyle

Whether you count this as an official track or not, we couldn’t not put this in! Arguably standing as one of the hardest ‘Daily Duppy’ freestyles to come out of 2020, this was what all Fredo fans were waiting for. Stood against the signature black and yellow backdrop, the West London emcee delivered 6 minutes of straight heat. Amassing over 17 million views and housing production from both Mason Beats and S Finesse Beats, the hit-maker offloaded an assortment of wheel-up worthy bars, punchlines and dynamic flows that sent the TL going wild! Switching up the sound half-way through, he hit us from the onset with his straight-talking pen, “Made mistakes in my life and it needs a rewind / But then again when I check these the reasons I’m out here / When I was broke, they couldn’t see me them people was blind / Now I’m up; everyone seems to be seeing me fine”. Only certifying his all-round quality artistry, it’s safe to say Fredo shelled this one! – Elle Evans


What can I say… “BMT” is a Fredo classic. Firstly let’s dive into the moody road-rap instrumental, produced by Naz6m, who weaved a spacious but hard-hitting percussion pattern alongside the cold sounds of synth-keys. Prompting Freddy to march atop, unleashing his trademark flow and commanding tone which is driven by a faster tempo. During he illustrates his notorious ways and asserts his authenticity through his descriptive pen-game, creating an engaging narrative of a gangsta living life in the fast lane. The supporting visual brings the lyrics into reality and shows Fredo looking suave and living lavish. – Rehana Harmony

“Like That”

The West London spitter landed on our radar with his charged-up “They Ain’t 100” hit, but what was it about the track that appealed to us most? Fredo’s knack for leading with bold statements in his music, invited crowds to chant his hooks from the pit of their lungs. In the summer of 2017, as the rapper rode the wave of his newfound fame, dropping the booming track, “Like That”, proved that he had identified a formula that had previously worked for him and delivered it again. The statement single boasts of loyalty, community and a rap career that was, then, just beginning. Heightened by the flamboyant yet true-to-life visuals, Fredo asserted himself as the newest figure in the UK’s street rap scene. With this certified banger, the MC earned himself a spot on all of our soundtracks for that summer and it would still get the same reception today! – Sweeney Gloria

“They Ain’t 100”

Where do we even start with this one? Play this at any event, club or function and you will see drinks and hands fly in the air imminently! Brimming with a hard-hitting energy from the onset, “They Ain’t 100” is an undeniable street heater. Paired with a set of black and white-washed visuals, this track put Fredo on the map! Quickly gaining the attention of many, this track is the meaning of crowd euphoria, “Fuck them, I don’t know, them they ain’t 100 / In my German car drop a big pack on my young gunner / In the trap I make mad stacks off one number / When you’re at the pot you can lose it all on one fuck up”, he raps assertively. Built over a charged-up instrumental with the signature rapid-flowing keys weaving throughout, Fredo’s infectious hook, head-bopping flows and self-assured presence took centre stage in this one! – Elle Evans


Measuring at just over two minutes long, “Freddy” is another standout anthem in the rappers catalog. Built upon a steady instrumental crafted by Virginian-based producer Mason Taylor. The production radiates the ideal ambience for the forceful deliver of Fredo’s stop-start flow, that hears the rapper, in usual ‘Fredo’-fashion, emphasising the pronunciation of each braggadocious bar he bellows. This ensures listeners are bopping from start to finish and wouldn’t go amiss while pumping iron in the gym. Let’s not forget to mention it’s place on gritty Brit flick, Top Boy’s track-list if this isn’t the perfect soundtrack for the film I don’t know what it is. – Rehana Harmony

BONUS TRACK: “What Can I Say”

An ode to his fallen loved ones. The Brit MC really touched base in this intimate track and left no emotions unsaid. In a series of heart-wrenching lyrics, Fredo lays his pain out against Dave’s sombre production and crafts a song that feels more like a handwritten letter. The record is fittingly titled, “What Can I Say”, and if you’ve experienced a loss in a similar way, that sentiment hits home. It’s a true display of artistry, when a musician is able to channel the depths of their feelings in song and the rapper has done just that. Fredo denounces material gain, candidly speaks on the reality of inner-city experiences and reminisces on personal stories as he stands at the gravesite. Closing out with ‘frees and RIPs’ makes it all too real but this allows us to take a deeper look at the rapper, who intentionally places this as the final track on his new album. – Sweeney Gloria

What are your top 5 tracks from Fredo?