5 Questions With iCandy

Mixtape Madness Team

By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

4 Aug 2023

Words by Adam Davidson

US Rapper iCandy launched to fame in 2023 following the release of the viral hit ‘Keep Dat’, which has become one of the songs of the Summer. 

iCandy looks to become the new face of Female Rap in Florida, and soon the US, and is on the right track with a slew of A-list fans, hit #1 on the

Global Spotify Viral Chart and is only just getting started on her journey to the top. 

‘Keep Dat’ is one of the hits of the Summer… What inspired this song and why do you think it blew up in the way it did? 

I went through a breakup. I was just coming out of a dark place and wanted to have fun. I think people gravitate to the song because it’s real life – yet still uplifting and fun.  

‘Keep Dat pt.2’ was released this month, featuring big names like GloRilla, Kali and Big Boss Vette – Talk to me a little about the creative process of the remix and how did you decide who was a right fit for the track? 

The ladies fit perfectly because they all had their own style.  

You’ve had A-listers dance to your track on TikTok, a billboard in Times Square and reached #1 on the Global Spotify Viral Chart but what has been the most surreal moment for you this year? 

I would actually say my remix was pretty surreal for me. I remember just sitting in the car listening to the song like wow my song featuring these amazing girls that I listen to now they are on my song. 

This is your biggest hit so far but you’ve been grinding since the age of 13, what has this journey been like to reach this stage? 

It’s been a very challenging journey for me… making music being an artist pushing myself and still trying to stay above water and maintain my life. Many days I thought about quitting, but never did I throw in the towel. However, it can get depressing and lonely chasing something no one else sees but you.  

How powerful is social media as a tool for an artist and how do you specifically utilise this for success? 

At this point, social media is a really big deal for me as an artist. It allows people to interact with artists and get more into them, which is how they connect more with the music. I try my best to talk to my fans and keep them updated on my music and insights into the process of my journey.