5 Questions With… Kenzo Balla

Mixtape Madness Team

By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

1 Aug 2023

Interview: Adam Davidson

Rising Bronx Drill Star Kenzo Balla looks to make his mark on the thriving New York Street Rap scene by capitalising on the success of singles ‘In My Moods’ and ‘Opp Huntin’.’ Now, he has just released the latest single ‘Knockz Out’, setting him up for a steady 2023. The young rapper can switch between hammering beats to melodic Love Drill and this versatility means that Kenzo Balla will have an exciting future ahead of him. 

What was it like growing up in the Bronx and how did this influence your sound?

Growing up in the Bronx was hard, of course, but when you grow up in it, you get used to it. It influenced my sound by me just being in the environment and growing up there. That’s what my music is about.

In one of your recent singles, ‘In My Moods’, which is still Drill but more melodic- what was this creative process like?

The creative process for “In My Moods” was really like any love drill song I do. I just think about what I’m going through or what I went through, and just pour my feelings into the song. Everything has to be heartfelt and real – that’s my craft.

This single shows your growing versatility, just like singles on your latest EP ‘The Year of the Balla’ such as ‘Emotional Damage’ and ‘Losing Control- pt.2.’ They show emotions and vulnerability in the lyrics, do you feel to be considered a great artist you have to show that side of yourself?

I wouldn’t say I’m a great artist because I feel like there’s always more to improve on, but I definitely feel like I’m right there. Showing that side of myself is the best because it can show how versatile I am. A lot in the drill culture can’t do that, and I feel like I started that love drill wave, along with my brother TG Flockaa.

You’re one of the most consistent rappers in the game and have regularly released new singles and projects, what is the key to staying consistent?

The key to staying consistent is just by constantly working on your craft and your music, so you can have enough songs in the vault to drop whenever. The main reason I started being consistent is because I was trying to make sure the people got no choice but to hear me, so I was dropping every week.

What can people expect next from Kenzo Balla?

What people can expect next from me is definitely more love drill, more projects, EPs, albums, big features, and more of me enjoying life for what it really is. One thing you can definitely expect from me is not letting up. I love all of my fans/supporters this is still the #YearOfTheBalla‼