A Chat With Ghana’s Finest: Eugy

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

9 Oct 2019

Eugy, the Ghanian-London based artist known for his signature introduction “Eugy Official” has been making some serious moves for a hot minute. With hit tracks Dance For Me featuring Mr Eazi which has amassed over 30 million views and Tick Tock not to mention a recent banger LoLo as well as over 200k subscribers on YouTube and an insane fan base. Musically, Eugy is becoming more and more known for his infectious melodies and tracks. Having been born and raised in Ghana and bought up in the U.K his music is a true reflection of this. Having proved his versatility throughout his career so far, Eugy has made it evident that his sound can come in many shapes and forms but more so with Afrobeats.

I got the chance to catch up with Eugy and ask him a few questions. 

E: What sparked your love for music? I believe music is something you’ve grown into via your family?

E: I grew up in church so was always around music. By the time I started secondary school I was mc’ing with the older kids during playtime.

E: You recently put out your latest single Hold Me Down featuring Wavy The Creator – which by the way is a vibe! How did this come about?

E: I recorded part of the song after a trip to Amsterdam. Was stuck on who to get on the hook and my manager suggested Wavy. I messaged her about it and she was down. When she sent her what she had done back I knew it was a wrap!

E: Dance For Me with Mr Eazi was a huge success! Did you ever expect it to take off like it did?

E: Once we recorded the song we had a feeling we had something special. At the time the apartment we were recording in was filled with some of our friends and they couldn’t stop dancing. I just didn’t anticipate how big it would get.

E: Is there anyone is particular that you would love to collaborate with?

E: From the UK It would be cool to work with Headie One.

E: Musically, you have definitely proven an array of versatility. How would you describe your sound as of now?

E: Currently I would say my sound is a smooth blend of Afrobeat and R&B

E: Lyrically, do you write more about what you experience? Through observation? Or both?

E: Definitely from both. I’m influenced by life experiences but also what I see my people going through too.

E: What’s been the biggest highlight of your career so far?

E: It has to be my parents calling me excited about hearing me on the radio. They believed in me from early!

E: What’s the overall aim/goal with music for you?

E: To share my experiences/feelings with the world. To spread love and positivity.  

E: What advice would you give to younger people wanting to become a musician? Maybe you’ve learnt some things about the Industry that people should look out for?
E: The best advice is to work smartly and with resilience. A no today doesn’t mean no forever. Always push to achieve the best.

E :What more can we expect this year? Is there a tour or project coming soon?

E: I’ll be performing on the upcoming Starboy fest tour which is due to be epic. I’m also working on an EP as we speak which will be out before the year ends.