A Conversation With T Mulla: The Summertime Star

Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

16 Apr 2021

East London star, T Mulla, is back like he never left and promises that, this time, he is here to stay.  

So, where has the summertime hitmaker been for the past year? Getting his life together, finishing university and landing the best music deal for himself as a recent Columbia Records signee. 

His breakout hit in 2018, catapulted the young artist into the UK’s party scene and airwaves alike. Leading with a sound that incorporated trap-wave, afro-swing and elements of R&B, Mulla cemented himself as the next homegrown talent with a promising future in music. 

We recently caught up over a zoom call, his first stop ahead of a busy day. Still, T Mulla had a refreshing energy and it was one that showed how ready he is to get the ball rolling again. It’s about to be the year of his comeback and on the cusp of his returning “Balance” single (ft Hardy Caprio), we unpacked his artistry, the importance of taking his time and more. 

“You popped out with “Dollar Pound Cake”, your breakout single right?” 

T Mulla: In terms of making a mark in the industry, yes. Before that, I had a buzz in my local area with previous releases. Radio took “Dollar Pound Cake” in though. 

“Let’s talk about T Mulla between before and after dropping DPC, which went crazy.” 

T: That transition was crazy. Before that, I had different management. I rang my current managers and told them I needed a change with my management – the music changed with that. DPC was the first song we went with and it ended up being a smash. Life-changing. 

“What kind of things was T Mulla looking for in management?” 

T: I needed them to believe and have the same interests as me. My managers are friends I’ve had for years. One of them, MK, has been my boy and we even made music together. If I’m not in the room, their interests are the same as mine. That’s exactly what I needed – the belief that we can do something brilliant and taking risks for reward. 

“As a student with a smash hit, how did you navigate your next steps?” 

T: Honestly, it was a weird one. It was a new sound for me – more radio-friendly, with the 2018 wave. It was like ‘where do we go from here?’ but we just kept stacking ‘em up. 

“After DPC, you had a run with hot singles. Talk about making bangers every summer and who you are as an artist?” 

T: I just like bright music. It can be dark content, but it has the wavy effect and makes you smile when you hear it. I like to bring a sing-a-long, party feel and that’s why people associate my sound to the summer. That’s the type of music I listen to. I’m a better listener than I am an artist. 

“Nice! What kind of stuff is on your playlist?” 

T: Ooh. It’s a whole mix. All the UK stuff, the underground people. Global – Burna Boy, Wizkid. R&B styles and yeah, I feel like everything mixes into my music. 

“So, who’s your favourite artist?” 

T: Of all time!?  

“Of all time!” 

T: Who’s your favourite? 

“My favourite ever is Brandy. Tell us yours!” 

T: That’s a very good question. I don’t think I’ve followed one single artist for a long time, but I noticed that Burna Boy is always on my playlist. 

“Sonically, that makes a lot of sense. Now, you have another single coming with Hardy Caprio. Who else would you collab with?” 

T: I’d like to make a… hm. A couple rappers and singers, to appeal to both my vibes. From Steff to Haile (WSTRN) – he’s sick.  

“WSTRN x T Mulla would be sick! You’ve kind of taken some time off though, elaborate on what was going on and where you’re at now?”

T: What’s weird is that I didn’t actually stop making music, the releases just stopped. People are going to hear a major growth. Uni was overwhelming, the pandemic and dealing with being an artist is a lot. I had a period where I just wanted to find my sound and stack up some music to make sure when I come back, I’m here to stay. 

“You don’t feel set back by it at all. You sound quite confident in your process, why is that?” 

T: I didn’t stop making music, so I don’t feel set back. I’ve been asked if I still make music but for me, I’ve been growing and making music. Anyone that has been part of the process will see that now, so I’m confident. 

“You keep talking about locking in your sound. What does that mean to you?” 

T: I feel like it’s getting in touch with my voice, in general, instead of just being everywhere. Learning the characteristics of T Mulla and having a staple feature in my approach to songs. I feel like people will learn how Mulla attacks a track. 

“Do you feel like you’re left out of music conversations?” 

T: I’ll be honest, maybe not right now. I’m a listener as much as an artist and I understand if I’m not in people’s conversations. If we’re talking from now onwards? I’ll find my way into those conversations. That’s the plan. 

“Very confident about the upcoming music then! Talk about what’s coming!” 

T: I’m very hands on. I’m trying to make sure everything is how I envisioned it. The music is pretty much ready. The music is more important than everything else, and we’re working on visuals and marketing… 

“You’re backed by a major label now so talk about rolling out music this time around.” 

T: It’s a big change, going to offices and meetings. There’s a lot of people involved in the process of getting my music out there. There’s a team for everything! It’s very different I can’t lie. 

“Artists are really pushing the independent status. What’s the truth?” 

T: It depends on the type of music you’re trying to make. Independent people do eventually get involved with majors because of the major label’s experience. There are ways around it with a good team but I wouldn’t have gone into a label deal if I didn’t feel like they could do what I couldn’t. 

“It’s all about being real with yourself. What are people’s favourite T Mulla songs?” 

T: Definitely “Droptop”, “D Squared” and “Dolla Pound Cake” – those three are most popular. Mine is probably “Droptop”, I love the video and everything with Hardy was perfect. The natural chemistry was there and we were speaking beforehand. 

“Sick. My favourite T Mulla track is “Tonight” you really sang your heart out man!” 

T: You’re gonna hear a bit more of that!  

“Tell me the tea! What are we getting on this project?” 

T: I’m giving you every version of me. The wavy version, the ‘lotioning gyal’ ting and ALL of that. 

“That’s the formula – a bit of both.” 

T: New project is on the way and it’s coming soon. Another summertime banger (Balance) with Hardy Caprio and it doesn’t stop there. Search “T Mulla” every couple of weeks on YouTube. 

“Let’s end this with one big adjective for what your new project is about to feel like?” 

T: Litty!

Stream T Mulla’s latest here and stay in the loop with the artist via @OfficialTMulla on all social platforms.