A moment with Mic Righteous


By Georgina


20 Mar 2012

When I attended Monday’s I Luv Live industry special, I was lucky enough to pull Kent based MC Mic Righteous aside for a few moments. We had a chat about the UK scene, what he’s got coming up in the next few months, and that BBC scandal in May last year…

Georgina: Hi Mic. It’s great that you’ve been invited to perform at I Luv Live for a second time. How does it feel being asked to headline the industry special?

Mic Righteous: It’s a privilege to be asked to come back. I first performed in October last year so yeah, being asked back so soon is cool. I’m very humble about it.

Georgina: You hail from Margate in Kent – I went to uni in Canterbury so I know that area fairly well, and it’s quite far out from London. Do you ever wish you were based over here, seeing as this is where the heart of the scene is?

Mic Righteous: You know what, I rep where I’m from til the end. I’m not trying to be something I’m not – I refuse. I’m proud of my roots.

Georgina: What do you think of the UK scene at the moment?

Mic Righteous: The UK is very good at the minute, and as a collective it is very inspirational. English Frank is really good, and I’m liking Josh Kumra  too. I’d like to collaborate with him actually. Wordsmith is cool too – he’s originally from London but he moved out to Kent.

Georgina: We all know about the BBC Scandal last year, where they censored out a section of your lyrics where you said ‘Free Palestine’. Your content is deep – no talk about sex and swagger – and very political. Has this been a setback or challenge at all?

Mic Righteous: You know what, some people might see my lyrical content as a setback, but I see it as being the best thing possible because people are not used to listening to it. It’s a breath of fresh air – my lyrics are just real, and people want to listen to the truth. I’m not trying to force my opinions onto anyone. I’m just saying how I feel, like anyone else does. Challenges come in different forms and people can be obstacles, but I embrace it. I’m not afraid to show my feelings, and people can easily criticise that,  but I won’t stop. This is who I am.

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