Caught In Conversation With North London’s Ascending Newcomer LZee

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

5 Mar 2021

Hailing from North London, LZee over the past few years has built a reputable status as one of the best up and coming emcees in the UK Rap game. Although he’s only 17 years of age, his pen game, confidence, and all-round artistry will have you thinking otherwise.

Accumulating over 7.3 million streams, he dropped his full-length debut tape ‘L4ZY TOWN’ last year and more recently kick started 2021 with a 6-track EP named ‘No Limbo’ (below). Housing a guest appearance from frequent collaborator 5EB, this EP highlights his evolving transition not only as a person but as an artist as he continues to refine his sound. Boasting his pen game, bouncing flows and prowess from start to finish, we caught up with LZee to talk all things music and more. Tap in below to see what he had to say!

The past year has challenged musicians all over the world for obvious reasons. How have you found the past year creatively?

I’ve found the last year challenging and different from what I’m used to but I have also managed to find a new balance over time, I’m going to the studio a lot more and recording more. That’s definitely helping me cope better than I did before, but I feel like this is bigger than me, people all over the world are affected by this and I know I’m not alone. The number one thing is to adapt and try not the let anything break you down, especially mentally.

Growing up and listening to Grime, how did it help shape you as an artist as well as your pen game? Were there any artists that you looked up to in particular.

Growing up listening to Grime made me understand flows and lyricism. There’s a lot of technicalities that comes with spitting bars. So deffo in that sense, I also looked up to Chip, Skepta and AJ Tracey. I feel like these man are real spitters – microphone controllers! Listening to Grime helped me to shape and perfect my flows, I feel like its authentic, raw, original and British!

Being only 17 and achieved what you have so far is a pretty big deal! Being clued up on the business side of things as an artist is integral, how have you found maneuvering through the industry so far?

Long at times, it’s all new to me but I’m always learning and I’m getting better at maneuvering, but I also have a great team who help me with everything that I need to know or want to know, I think that’s very important.

You’ve previously been described as an artist who is “creating a lane for the new generation of artists” – how do statements like this make you feel?

“Like a proud dad! LOOL” – I’m joking but its deffo good to be identified as a leader, I feel like my music is very different, it’s not the norm and I’m always trying to push the envelope so its deffo good to see other people recognise that about me – it’s encouraging!

You’ve just released your ‘No Limbo’ EP! Tell us a bit more about the thought process behind this project?

Me and my manager had a good conversation about staying consistent and that’s what we are trying to do, to keep building myself as an artist and keep establishing myself as an artist. We are always in the studio recording!

What sparked the title of the EP?

To me, “limbo” is being like half hearted, indecisive and having no true direction of what you’re doing. So ‘No Limbo’ is simply the opposite to that, it’s knowing what you are, being decisive, having a sense of direction and having “no limbo” in your decisions. That’s what having a ‘No Limbo’ lifestyle means so I wanted that to be the name of my project.

Do any of the tracks resonate with you more since the recording process?

I feel like all my songs resonate with me, that’s why I make it so different and personal to my experiences. My songs are normally a reflection of what’s going on in my life in that current moment.

In comparison to your previous tape ‘L4ZY TOWN’, what did you want to do differently with this one?

I wanted to do less songs and create themes throughout this project and connect everything musically. ‘L4ZY Town’ was a mixtape, with more songs and more of a story to tell, I wanted this project to capture the transition in my life as a person and as a musician. It was actually harder to choose these songs as I had to cut a lot of songs out that didn’t feel right the project, so…yeah!

Is there anyone you are still keen to collaborate with maybe in the U.K or overseas?

Skepta, Slowthai, Shoreline Mafia, DaBaby, AJ Tracey and Chip.

What else can we expect to see from you this coming year?

Deffo more music, it sounds cliché but there’s loads of music to come. I may drop another project this year which will be my third or I may just keep releasing songs and feeding my supporters. Hopefully when Covid is over, I could do my first headline show. I got some bangers in the works and some sick collaborations to come!!

Keep up to date with all things LZee via his Instagram here. Listen to the ‘No Limbo’ EP below.