Caught In Conversation with: Rubi Rose

The “Big Mouth” hitmaker, has joined MM to talk: her come up, social media and her forthcoming project!

June 27, 2020 Rehana Harmony

Known for her unwavering confidence both online and throughout her music; “Big Mouth” hitmaker – Rubi Rose, took many by surprise last year, by announcing her plans for pursuing a music career. Shrugging off the doubters and keyboard warriors that congregate in her comments; she unveiled her first track to the world entitled “Trickin” – a dark, unfiltered offering which details the lavish expectations she has for her suitors – although this was met by mixed reviews (shock). The rapper hit back at her haters with what would become her most successful single to date, “Big Mouth”. Sprinting over a booming backdrop, Rubi delivered fierce, unforgiving, boss’d up rhymes punctuated by an infectious, new and improved flow. – Confirming her status as mainstay in the female rap game.

Now, boasting an impressive 1.2million followers on Instagram, a slew of successful records in her discography and a bunch of collaborations with some of the US scenes’ favourites. Rubi is ready to continue on the route to super-stardom with her upcoming project and a “Big Mouth” remix…

For as long as I’ve known of you, you’ve always had a strong social media presence. Do you feel as though that’s been more of an asset or an hindrance to your music career? 

Definitely more of an assest. My IG and Twitter have opened me up to so many opportunities! It helps to get me noticed and shows people another side of me, including my music. All publicity is good publicity right?!

I read that you can speak four languages – can we expect any bilingual bars in future? 

Most definitely, however I only speak three fluently. 

Has music always been your end goal? 

Yes and acting, I never took either seriously until now.

I read that you can speak four languages – can we expect and bilingual bars in future? 

Most definitely, however I only speak three fluently. 

Has music always been your end goal? 

Yes and acting, I never too either seriously until now.

Sex has been a reoccurring theme throughout your discography so far – how important is your sexuality to you? (In day to day life is it a major part of your identity? Or do you channel a persona when creating music?)

I turn on the other me for my music, I look sexy and feel sexy everyday though. I’m just more chilled out on a daily basis; everyone who meets me, says they didn’t expect me to be as cool.

I can imagine life has been crazy different since you’ve been signed, as a 21-year-old woman that independence must feel great?

Hell yeah, I’m up now. Life is different. 

Has it effected friendships or finding love at all? 

Yeah, for sure. But that’s life.

So you juggled College and a music career? How was that? 

Difficult and stressful, but worth it.

What did you study? 

Political Science and English.

How did your peers react? 

They congratulated me, it’s nice. 

Word on the street is you have a project on the way? 

The word on the street is true!

What direction are you taking it? How will it differ to what we’ve already heard? 

It’s me turnt, talking about things that I’ve been through. You’ll see my softer side too, so that’ll be different.

Are there any tracks you’ve already released that will feature on there?

Yeah, it’ll be Big Mouth, but the Remix! 

Can you share any producers who have contributed to it? 

Yeah, my mans Musa, London On Da Track, OG Parker, Murda and a few more.

What was your first big splurge? 

I still haven’t had a big splurge on myself really, the most money I’ve spent was giving my mom 50K for her birthday.

What are your favourite and least favourite parts of fame? 

My favourite part is the love I receive and my least favourite is all the hate I get.

Navigating your career in a male dominated industry must be tough – Could you share any advice for an aspiring “female rapper”? 

Yeah, just stay true to yourself and know that your success depends on you and not a man. You don’t need a n**** to be successful.