Che Lingo Talks Black Women, Black Panther and Musical Creativity In New Straight No Chaser Interview

Kings Media

By Kings Media

Kings Media

27 Feb 2018

Che Lingo stopped by at Straight No Chaser for an in-depth interview on his appreciation for Black Women, his inspirations for his musical creativity and THAT ‘Wakanda’ tattoo on the inside of his lip inspired by Marvel’s Black Panther film.

The rapper from a Jamaican background identified his music as ‘Hip pop’, even though he’s been classed as an ‘Alternative Rap’ artist. Speaking on that, he clearly doesn’t mind it – meaning that he’s not just not the norm. “what you do is rap and it’s hip pop but it’s not what you would expect from the current trend” – he said.

Yeah his style is very unique in the UK rap scene but who does he draw inspiration from in UK? if your answer to that is either Wretch32, Little Simz, A2, Bonkaz & Octavian.

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