Frosty Talks Being “Under Surveillance”, His Rapid Come-Up & More

Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

19 Nov 2020

Frosty is the fresh South-London talent that sits among U.K. Drill’s heavyweights, championing his distinctively raw style with each release. Breaking out in 2018 with lead single, “County Lines”, would abruptly change the trajectory of the rapper’s career forever. As Frosty’s journey in music continues to ascend, we caught up with him in our office just before he announced the coming of his debut mixtape. In conversation, we explored the sentiment behind his mixtape, his adjustment to the spotlight and everything in between.

“Why the name Frosty?”

F: That name was hijacked. I saw somebody with the name and decided that it was for me.

“Have you always been into music? Or did you just fall into it?”

F: I’ve always been into music, just not seriously. I was into rap and r&b, here and there, growing up.

“Who were some of the people you tuned into in rap?”

F: I used to listen to a lot of Nines, Blade Brown, Joe Black, Asco, Waka Flocka — all those kind of people.

“How did your big breakout track, “County Lines”, come about?”

F: I made it when I was 18, and it was my first time ever in the booth. I just freestyled and my friends said I’m hard so…

“What was your reaction to the track catching a buzz?”

F: It was anticipated. Everyone in Lambeth and Croydon had heard it and were saying it would get a million views. I was the one who was saying it wouldn’t!

“Do you find it hard to just be a musician?”

F: Yeah, definitely – I don’t know if people notice. I still move like a normal person and I forget certain things or still do certain things.

“How are you adjusting to the spotlight?”

F: I keep things as normal as possible and I just stay level-headed.

“Do you find that people behave differently toward you?”

F: Yeah. I’ll give you an example — he laughs — my friend phoned a shop to buy a watch and they told him he’d have to wait until the next day. When I called on my number they said “we’ll wait an hour for you” – do you get it?

“You’ve featured on a couple of hot tracks this year! Talk about that!”

F: 22Gz’ manager worked in Kodak Black’s camp and we kept a link from when Kodak played my song in the studio, whilst I was in jail. That’s how we did that. Unknown T happened through the industry, you meet people and it’s cool.

“How did you feel when you were called in for a Fire In The Booth session?”

F: Charlie Sloth hit me a year ago whilst I was in jail, so I’ve just been waiting. I had the bars ready so I was good.

“Tell us what we can expect from ‘Under Surveillance’?”

F: Recently, I’ve dropped a few commercial songs that my fans aren’t used to. Under Surveillance is a lot more raw – bando sh*t. I wanna lock off the roads, this ain’t for TikTok!

“How did you come up with the name for the mixtape? ivermectin lactating dogs

F: That’s just my life. I’m under surveillance… from the feds, the fans – it’s all the same thing.

“What does your future in music look like?”

F: It’s bright. The way I came into this was bespoke and I skipped a long queue. Labels plan stuff too much, I’m changing my pattern and I want to be raw, and make it more me.

“Are you hands-on with your career? is ivermectin safe for pregnant dogs and their puppies

F: Yeah, I’m not just giving my life over to people. Even when my engineer is mixing, I tell him ‘do this and do that’ – I’m proper hands-on! stromectol tablets uk

“I had a special request to ask this question… are you looking to settle down?”

F: With a girl? I’ve been settled down… if you know, you know.

Look out for Frosty’s “Under Surveillance” mixtape, dropping 20/10, and head over to our IGTV (@MixtapeMadness) to watch the rapper play our new ‘Game of 5’.

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