Getting Acquainted: Hypes


By Georgina


1 Jul 2012

Tell us a bit about yourself Hypes…

I started writing lyrics when I was about 13 years old, when grime music was at its peak; I’d normally just write lyrics in class. Dizzee Rascal had made his debut set at Sidewinder and that inspired me to make my own music and start jumping on bedroom sets. When I started, grime was on fire with the likes of Wiley, Dizzee, Kano, D Double E and a lot more, not only that but my uncle and other family members were in to music as well so it all inspired me.

How has the last few months been for you with your latest track, Energy Overload?

The reception I’ve been getting lately has been mad. To be honest I did expect people to give positive feedback but didn’t know it would be this much and my track’s not even out yet so it’s all good. Energy Overload is my first release ever. – I’ve done other projects that have reached iTunes, but they have been collaborations or things I’ve done with other producers and DJs.

Any high moments of your career so far?

I was featured on Tim Westwood’s 1Xtra show and it was a great opportunity and experience; a great platform for any artist. I’ve also met Wiley a few times and performed at his concert, and we went clubbing in Manchester, but he is a very busy guy so not planning any tracks with him… yet if I get him in studio and something happens then its a bonus, otherwise I’m happy with a co-sign.

How do you feel about the UK scene right now?

The only up and coming artist in Manchester I feel at the moment is Deezy. There’s loads of talent but not a lot stands out. There’s quite a few artists I’m feeling from other scenes but just not sure where to start! To be honest the scene isn’t bad but quite boring at times; there’s not enough radio or media channels showcasing the talent so there are a load of hard working artist not getting heard like they should. This is something I’m trying to change but I can’t on my own…!

Who are your main influences?

I have a lot of influences and inspirations including 2Pac, Biggie, Big Pun, Big L, Jay Z, Kayne etc – the list will not stop at 50! And then we have grime MCs, singers, and artists from all types of genres and who do different styles. I am influenced by the work of Preditah and C4, Teddy Music, Rude Kid and other producers in that diversion.

What’s happening in the next few months? Any appearances or releases we should be aware of?

I’m at the Biggafish tour in Manchester at HMV Ritz on Saturday 21st July alongside artists including Chip and Lethal B. The Energy Overload video is still in the making, but the release on iTunes is Monday 6th August and in between that I will be dropping loads of free download tunes on the internet, so watch out and keep updated with me…

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