Getting Acquainted: Krome


By Georgina


5 Apr 2012

One member of West London rap crew R2S and a lyricist in his own right, Krome has bars, bars and more bars. A true hip-hop head, he’s in it for one thing and one thing only: the music!

We sat down with Krome to, well, get acquainted.

Georgina: Could you give me a little background information about yourself, particularly how you got into rapping?

Krome: I was born in Hammersmith, West London, in 1986, and as far as I can remember I’ve always been into music. In primary school I did a lot of beatboxing, and I had my own little keyboard that I would play melodies on. I used to fall asleep to the radio and sleep with it on, and music also runs in my family. My dad was in a reggae band back in the day before I was born, and my cousins are all into music. I have a female cousinwho is a singer, and a couple of my cousins rap and make beats. In secondary school I started to listen to music for the lyrics rather than just the beat, and I think it was around that time that I realised I wanted to do it as a career. Before I listened to rap I’d listen to a lot of jungle music, but when I got older I started to listen to lyrics. I’ve also always liked poetry; I can remember liking it back in primary school. Poetry really helps me write lyrics actually.

Georgina: How would you describe your emceeing style?

Krome: That’s a hard one! I’d say I’m just real hip-hop. I’m just a normal person who raps about normal things that normal people go through. I rap about things that people might be scared to talk about, which makes me unique.

Georgina: Why is Krome your stage name? Is there any meaning behind it?

Krome: Chromium is an element that is used to make stainless steal, and basically I just thought of the name Krome because chrome is always shining. Along with my emceeing I’m just always trying to shine, and never go rusty.

Georgina: I love the meaning behind the name! So what do you think makes you stand out from the rest of the UK urban scene?

Krome: One of the main things about me is that I can freestyle without writing lyrics beforehand. I can drop something on the spot, which sometimes the biggest rappers can’t do. I always get massive respect from people who listen to me. No one has ever told me to stop, and that is a big motivation. I’m also very versatile. I can rap in a range of styles and speeds, and I can talk about any subject. I’m not one dimensional.

Georgina: What has been your proudest moment so far in your career?

Krome: I’ve had loads of good moments but one of my favourite was releasing the R2S mixtape, Rebelution. Having all the support we had and the download numbers was great. Some people came up to me in the street and rapped my lyrics to me! Some of the songs that I didn’t think people would like had wicked reviews too – some people were even saying that the tracks I didn’t like myself were their favourite ones. So that was a very proud moment.

Georgina: Have you had any major challenges so far in your career? If so, how have you overcome them?

Krome: My mum passed away last year in August; she died the day I came out of prison. It was the hardest thing that has ever happened to me. From that point on, it was either make or break. She always supported me; my studio is in my bedroom and she would come and chill with me while I recorded. She supported me and R2S, and she would always say we were going to make it one day. So when she died, part of me didn’t want to carry on, and I was very depressed. But R2S were always there to support me, and they helped me overcome it. I could have either gone off the rails or stay positive and take my stress out on a piece of paper or my iPad, and luckily, I chose the second option.

Georgina: What do you have lined up for the next few months in terms of releases, performances, etc?

Krome: At the moment there are no big shows lined up, but I’m working towards that. I’m going to be putting out Rebelution Part 2 this month, and I also have another mixtape with Lekhem from R2S which is out now. I’ve got a couple more mixtapes with Korshun from R2S dropping before the end of the year, and a solo E.P. coming out in September. While all of that is going on I’ll be working with everyone from R2S in the studio and we’ll be making as many videos as we can. We want to be on TV by summertime. I suppose then we will just have to wait and see where it goes from there!

Download Rebelution Part 1

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